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Wednesday, June 15 - Application Workshop

Workshop 07 - 2:00 to 6:00 pm

Power Consumption and Carbon Foot Print
Chaired by Pierre Louat, expert Mechanical HPC , Ansys France et Laurent Grandguillot, Sales HPC France, HPE


This workshop deals with brainstorming & trends linked to the Carbon footprint in the HPC world. Attendees will share their feedback & future vision.

Workshop will cover 2 main topics :  First  topic will deal with sustainability, second one with technologies linked to carbon footprint savings.

  • Sustainability : Powerful  HPC simulations often lead to better design or optimization and may lead to some carbon footprint savings. Target of this first topic is to find & list tools which may help  to have a better power usage summary.

  • Technologies : Attendees of this workshop will share their technology state of the art and potential future evolution.

With the participation of :

Marc Morere, Research & Innovation manager in the Information Management department, Airbus, Pierre Louat, expert Mechanical HPC , Ansys France et Laurent Grandguillot, Sales HPC France, HPE


HPC for sustainable development: the TechnipFMC example
Alexandre Jean, HPC & AI Global Specialist, Microsoft, Jérôme Naturel, Transverse Engineering Manager, TechnipFMC et Olivier Caro, IT Specialist, TechnipFMC

Abstract & Biographies

Vision Sustainability
Cyril Deblois, responsable FinOps, AWS

Abstract & Biography

The advantages of the Immersion Cooling technology for computer units (vs. Air Cooling)
Edouard Bergevin, Communication Officer, ITrium / TotaLinux

Abstract & Biography

HPC as a Service with an eco-responsible approach
Laurent Bernou-Mazars, CTO & and co-founder, Exaion

Abstract & Biography

Key power consumption metrics for general purpose microprocessors in the exascale era
Jean-Marc Denis, Chief Strategy Officer, SiPearl

Abstract & Biography

Immersive cooling vs Air cooling
Herve Gilquin, PhD in Applied Mathematics and Emmanuel Quemener, Ingénieur recherche, ENS Lyon

Abstract & Biographies

Round table with participants


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Dr Warehouse – a translational data warehouse
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The issue of health data at the hospital
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Applications de la Métagénomique à la découverte de nouveaux médicaments et diagnostics

Collecteur analyseur de données (CAD) : une e-infrastructure au service de la médecine personnalisée
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Daily use of an artificial intelligence by caregivers: predict and personalize the expected information to impact patients care

Teratec Forum 2017 : Health - Perspectives for Personalized Medicine in 2025
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Human genetic challenges at the NGS era
Christophe BEROUD, PU-PH dans le laboratoire de Génétique Moléculaire à l'APHM. Directeur de l'équipe de recherche "Génétique et Bioinformatique" de l'INSERM UMR_S 910

Towards real time simulations of the rationale behind clinical decisions in surgery
Stéphane AVRIL, Mines Saint-Etienne, Director of the Center for Biomedical and healthcare Engineering - CIS, Deputy Director of INSERM U1059 – SAINBIOSE

Clinical applications using patient specific simulation
Michel ROCHETTE, Director of Research, ANSYS France SAS

Computational challenges and modelistion in epidemiology of infectious diseases
Lulla OPATOWSKI, Assistant professor in Mathematical Epidemiology at the University of Versailles Saint Quentin (UVSQ), Biomathematics biostatistics pharmacopepidemiology-and-infectious-diseases_Unit-UMR 1181 Inserm/ Institut Pasteur & UVSQ

From molecular modeling to personalized medicine
Vincent ZOETE, Molecular Modeling Group – SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics Computer-Aided Molecular Engineering Group – Département d’Oncologie Fondamentale – Université de Lausanne

Simulating bio-mimetic polymers
Dr. Michel MASELLA, CEA – Centre de Saclay, Direction de la Recherche Fondamentale, Laboratoire de Biologie Structurale et de Radiobiologie

Teratec 2016 Forum : HPC technologies and applications in the healthcare sector

Towards Digital Medicine in France
Francois SIGAUX, Directeur Scientifique Executif, CEA

Precision Medicine, Big Data and Smart Cities

Big Data in the french public health system
Emmanuel BACRY, Directeur de recherche au CNRS, Responsable de l’Initiative « Data Science » - Centre de Mathématiques Appliquées, Ecole Polytchnique

Big Data for modern life sciences : challenges and solutions for Data Access (performances, flexibilty, security and privacy)
James COOMER, Technical Director, DDN - Peter CLAPHAM, SANGER

Where are the bottlenecks of genome analysis today?
Ivo Glynne GUT, Centro Nacional de Analisis Genomico, CRG, Barcelona

Teratec 2014 Forum : HPC and Healthcare: From therapeutic research to personalized medicine

Les simulations HPC pour le décryptage des interactions moléculaires et l’obtention de nouvelles cibles thérapeutiques
Manuel DAUCHEZ, Professeur de Biophysique et Biochimie Computationnelle, UNIVERSITE DE REIMS CHAMPAGNE-ARDENNE

Predictive and patient-specific numerical simulations of endovascular surgery for aortic abdominal aneurysms
Michel ROCHETTE, Director of Research, ANSYS

Application of Optimization & CFD in Surgical Planning for Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
Silvia POLES, Senior Application Engineer, NOESIS Solutions

Simulations for Abdominal Wall Reconstruction
Frédéric TURQUIER, PhD, Director Research & Development, COVIDIEN Surgical Solutions

Interpretation of Clinical Exome : Le Big Data comme brique d’assistance aux choix thérapeutiques en oncologie
Philippe RAVIX Directeur Innovation SOGETI HIGH TECH

Le calcul haute performance pour l'analyse de données de neuroimagerie-génétique en grandes dimensions
Benoit DA MOTA, Expert hpc&bioinformatics, ALLIANCE SERVICES PLUS - Edouard DUCHESNAY, research Engineer, NEUROSPIN

Teratec 2013 Forum : HPC in Biology and Health

High performance computing and simulation in medicine: scope and challenges

The discovery of innovative therapeutic approaches: under the street light is not necessarily the right place to search

Can HPC help cure Pharma R&D?
Philippe GUILLET, Chief Geriatrician, SANOFI

Le cerveau de cristal - Ce que nous révèle la neuroimagerie

Simulation & High performance computing: The challenge of computer-assisted surgery
Luc SOLER, R&D Director of IRCAD, R&D Director of IHU Strasbourg

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