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Tuesday October 13, 2020 - Workshops

Workshop 07 - 14:00 to 15:30

Digital twin in medicine: are we [im] patients?
Chared by Philippe Gesnouin Project Officer EIT Health and EIT Digital, Inria

Virtual Humans for in silico Cardiology Trials using supercomputers
By Christopher Morton, Business Executive & CEO and Mariano Vázquez, Co-Founder & CTO, ELEM Biotech

In this talk, we will show application examples of our Virtual Humans, focusing on cardiac modeling, opening the discussion towards what could patients and doctors expect from our work. 

Biography  : He is ELEM’s CEO. He is MBA from Hult International Business School and MBE in Aeronautical Engineering from Imperial College London. He has 20 years’ experience directing emerging high tech businesses and enabling transformation. With multi-disciplinary and cross sector exposure, he leads to deliver material growth, sustainable returns and business evolution, with a strong record as accomplished strategist, business developer, contract negotiator, motivator and reputation builder. He is in executive roles with P&L accountability since 2005.
Biography  : MV is CTO/CSO and co-founder of ELEM Biotech. ELEM develops and commercializes Alya Red V-Heart, a supercomputer-based cardiac modeling platform for in-silico clinical trials, for the pharmaceutical and medical devices' sectors. Since 2005, MV has co-leaded the AlyaDev Team in the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, in Spain. Alya is a parallel multi-physics simulation tool, currently involving around 50 researchers and developers, specifically designed to run efficiently in supercomputers and being capable of simulating problems of the greatest complexity. His main research lines fall within biomedical applications of computational science at organ and system level, with a strong focus on cardiac modeling.

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