October 16, 2017

National programme supporting companies with the use of digital simulation

SiMSEO, the national programme supporting companies with the use of digital simulation, in order to address these specific questions. SiMSEO is a comprehensive national programme focussing on not only awareness, training and technical support via service offerings but also on finance. Our aim is to make digital simulation tools more accessible to micro-businesses and SMEs in order to speed up their adoption

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Third edition of the Digital Simulation Awards

Five trophies will be awarded by a panel of leading professionals, to showcase and reward the champions of digital simulation, HPC and Big Data, at the TERATEC Forum on 27 June. Organised with Usine Digitale in partnership with CEA, CRAY, HPE, INRIA and ASG Technologies.

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All the latest news of HPC, Big Data and Simulation

Interviews and testimonies, interventions by public authorities, minutes of Teratec Forum, discussions between major players, market analysis, ...... find all the HPC, Big Data and Digital Simulation news on the WebTV Teratec . Read more

2nd call for High Performance Computing and Simulation projects
On January 12, 2015, the second call for projects supporting R&D in the field high performance computing and simulation opened.

This second round embraces the priorities of the "Supercomputers" plan's road map, which was approved on May 7, 2014 by the steering committee for the New "Industrial France," with President Hollande in attendance.

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French Supercomputers Plan of "the New Face of Industry in France"

This plan aims to place France as a world player in of high performance computing and improve the competitiveness of French industry by mastering and development of numerical simulation.

• Push hardware and software technologies to achieve exaflop performance.

• Reinforce the sector specific initiatives : Healthcare, Plants, City, Food Processing, Materials, Multimedia, Manufacturing, etc

• Encourage small businesses and industrial firms to use more and more HPC technologies by supporting their plans to do so.

• Implement appropriate advanced education systems across the country.

Presentation of the French Supercomputers Plan

Information about the "New Face of Industry in France

13,000 square meters of offices in the first European Technopole dedicated to Simulation and High Performance Computing


Enter the core of innovation with TERATEC Campus
The purpose of the TERATEC Campus is to give professionals from the field of numerical simulation and high performance computing a dynamic and welcoming environment at the crossroads of innovation, based on three major areas: system architecture and performance, software development and services provision..

A customized offer thanks to an incubator and business hotel
At the heart of the TERATEC Campus, the Chamber of Trade and Industry of the region of Essonne accommodates you in a space of over 1,500 square meters, providing small, fitted office areas ranging from 15 to 280 square meters in size, including quality services and customized support to meet your development needs, whether you are a small or a large company. .

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President of TERATEC

MIHPS, Master of science in Informatics, High Performance Computing and Simulation

MIHPS is a Master of Science devoted to the training of top scientists able to acquire two major technological developments: the systematic use of parallelism (from multicore computers to supercomputers) the use of numerical simulation industry and research.
A major feature of this master is to give future graduates a multidisciplinary skill, an expertise of high performance computing and parallel computing and an expertise of modelling / simulation techniques.

Exascale Computing Research Lab
a focus on software applications for exascale, open to external partners

The Exascale Computing Research centre (ECR) is the fruit of the collaboration between CEA, GENCI, the University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines and Intel. The mission of ECR is to conduct R&D studies in co-operation with European researchers on applications that are critical for industries and HPC users from European universities.

European industry and research centres join forces to create a European Technology Platform for High Performance Computing

Major European suppliers of High Performance Computing (HPC) technologies, ALLINEA, ARM, BULL, CAPS Entreprise, EUROTECH, PARTEC, STMICROELECTRONICS and XYRATEX associated with HPC research centres BSC, CEA, CINECA, Fraunhofer, Forschungszentrum Juelich and LRZ have decided to combine forces to create a European Technology Platform (ETP), building on the previous work of PROSPECT and TERATEC.

An essential factor in corporate competitiveness

High Performance Simulation is both an essential factor in corporate competitiveness and an absolutely vital tool for major scientific challenges. Thus it enables experts to design products more rapidly which are better suited to customers’ requirements and furthermore to analyse and understand complex phenomena.

Promoting High Performance Simulation is, therefore, a priority both for the industrial world as well as for the academic community and provides also an opportunity for IT specialized companies.

With this objective in mind major players in these different fields have created the Ter@tec association together with local authorities keen to develop technological activities in their territory.





Workshop presentations
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The 12th edition of TERATEC Forum will take place on 27 and 28 June 2017 at the Ecole Polytechnique

Plenary sessions: challenges and technologies
The plenary sessions will take stock of the latest developments in digital technologies and measure their growing importance in the economy. Senior industry leaders will demonstrate the challenges of Simulation and Big Data for improving performance. Read more

Workshops: emerging technologies and new application areas
Renowned international experts will present promising emerging technologies in HPC and Big Data, as well as their new areas of application: Algorithms & Deep Learning, Blockchain, HPC/HPDA, Interconnect, Agriculture, Materials, Health, …Read more

Exhibition : the latest HPC and Big Data innovations
Over 80 exhibitors - software manufacturers and producers, integrators and distributors, service providers, cademic and laboratory researchers - will be presenting their latest technologies and innovations in HPC, simulation and Big Data. Read more

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Training workshops TERATEC
All along the year, members of TERATEC animate technical seminars on TERATEC Campus.

April 21, 2016 : COMSOL - Simuler en CFD, Mécanique et Electromagnétisme avec le HPC

2 juin 2016 : DISTENE - Visualisation/Post-traitement/Analyse de résultats de simulation numérique 3D avec EnSight

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Complete list of the TERATEC members

R&D Collaborative Projects

COLOC - The COncurrency and LOcality Challenge
The objective of this european project is to model data location according to the relevant hardware architecture and interconnection network, so as to use it both in the platform resource management tools such as SLURM, and in communication libraries such as MPI, in applications and in profiling tools to optimize performance thanks to the optimized placement of processes and data.

DATASCALE - Big Data et Calcul Haute performance
Le projet DataScale fédère un éventail de partenaires très divers – grands laboratoires de recherche, PME et grandes entreprises – dont l’ambition commune est de créer des solutions Big Data efficaces, adaptées à des cas réels d’utilisation dans le domaine du calcul haute performance.

H4H-PERFCLOUD - Performance for the Cloud
The PERFCLOUD project aims to develop new technologies (hardware and software) in order to offer the architecture with the best possible performance for its cost for HPC applications. This R&D project by the FSN has been integrated into the H4H project to take advantage of synergies in sponsorship and optimization of applications on hybrid architectures.

ICOS - High definition 3D medical imaging
The ICOS project, supported by the Cap Digital, Medicen and Systematic competitiveness clusters, develops augmented reality and designs new 3D imaging tools applied to medicine, which are guided remotely by surgeons using gestures and vocal commands.

MANYCORELABS - Solutions génériques pour le développement d'applications sur des multi/manycore
Le projet MANYCORELABS a pour objectif de renforcer et accélérer la roadmap logicielle pour MPPA et pour les partenaires technologiques impliqués au sein de l’écosystème MPPA et d'intégrer un ensemble d’applications et de démonstrateurs.

MECASIF - Modèles réduits pour la Conception Amont de Systèmes Industriels Fiables
Le projet MECASIF a pour objectif de produire des avancées significatives concernant la génération et la mise en place industrielle de Modèles Réduits non linéaires validés dans un certain nombre de domaines clé de la physique, avancées capables de prendre place directement dans les workflows de conception existant dans l’industrie.

RICHELIEU - Accelerate science-oriented programming languages
The RICHELIEU project is a good track. The connection between Scilab and LLVM/VMKit has been successfully performed, the first step to provide Just-In-Time compilation in Scilab. In parallel, the first version of the static analyzer scilint will be soon published.

SMART AGRICULTURE SYSTEM - Design and development of a system for predicting yield and supporting decisions via dynamic modeling based on localized areas
The Smart Agriculture System project, supported by the Vegepolys, Dream, and Cereales Vallee clusters, aims to design an original modeling, simulation, yield forecasting and decision support system for agricultural users, including farmers, consultants, seed manufacturers, and transformers.

TERRAX - TerraNumerica - TerraMagna - TerraDynamica - TerraMobilita
The 4 TERRAX projects aim to develop the various technologies needed to model and simulate their various actors and phenomena with the detail, fidelity, and timing required for interactive applications..

TerriS@nté - Digital technologies to improve health in the Greater Paris area
Sponsored by the Agence Régionale de Santé (ARS) in Ile-de-France with support from Medicen, the TerriS@nté project is above all a medical one, aimed at serving the entire population with specific solutions for identified high-priority groups (chronic patients and cancer patients, pregnant women and newborns, youth, and the elderly faced with a loss of autonomy).

TIMCO - Technologie pour « in-memory computing »
En exploitant les possibilités d’un prototype de serveur très grande mémoire, comprenant 16 processeurs et jusqu'à 21 Téraoctets de mémoire rendue cohérente par un ASIC, le consortium vise à exploiter au mieux le potentiel que promet le traitement de données massives.

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Multiple collaborations

TERATEC brings together different actors of the High Performance Simulation. In a place unique in France, it promotes exchanges and collaborations around the larger computing resources in Europe. Created at the initiative of CEA-DAM Ile de France, TERATEC offers its partners research and most advanced technologies in the field of numerical simulation.



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