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Wednesday, June 15 - Technical Workshop

Workshop 07 - 2:00 to 6:00 pm

Power Consumption and Carbon Foot Print
Chaired by Pierre Louat, expert Mechanical HPC , Ansys France et Laurent Grandguillot, Sales HPC France, HPE

The advantages of the Immersion Cooling technology for computer units (vs. Air Cooling)
By Edouard Bergevin, Communication Officer, ITrium / TotaLinux

The current cooling systems used in datacenters for the computer units operate exclusively with Air Cooling technologies. Whether they are forced air conditioning or adiabatic, they are a major source of pollution and consume energy and water exponentially. However, a virtuous alternative exists : Immersion Cooling.

This technology involves immersing electronic components in a fluid that is not only dielectric and heat transfer, but also non-toxic, biodegradable, non-flammable and odorless. Ensuring much better cooling, it lowers the operating temperatures of the components and thus reduces their fatigue. The Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) can thus be multiplied by 2 to 3 and maintenance operations are rarefied. With equivalent power and capacity of calculation, the Immersion Cooling is a technology that consumes up to 70% less electricity by ensuring a compactness of installation increased by at least 50%. The PUE can reach the unprecedented figure of 1.01 while the WUE (Water Usage Effectiveness) is zero. Other advantages: making immersion in a fluid completely free of oxygen molecules prevents oxidation of components and dust deposition. As for the fluid, it is moreover guaranteed for 15 to 25 years by current refiner manufacturers. Finally, the submerged solution removes any ventilated circuit, the main source of noise generated in a traditional datacenter.

Studying this technology for nearly 6 years, having financed a demonstrator and laboratory studies (ENS/ INRIA/ CNRS) on the subject, TotaLinuX has created an absolutely unique project: ITrium.

ITrium is the world’s first fully immersed and green datacenter program. The first ITrium will be built in 2022-2023 in the Paris region, encompassing the first 100% immersion-cooled datacenter, but also connected offices and living and communication spaces open to the public. With ITrium, the image of a datacenter will never be the same! Without any noise nor greenhouse gas emissions, reduced consumption and the recovery of fatal heat in the building, ITrium is the most successful project on the market offering a real technological breakthrough.

We invite you to discover more about this program and, through it, all the advantages of this solution of the future.

Biography: Engineer ESTACA, Edouard Bergevin worked for 21 years in the automotive industry at PSA. Holding various responsabilities from the Conception and Design offices to the Peugeot Marketing and Communication Department, he works since last year for TotaLinux as Head of the ITrium Project Communication.

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