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Tuesday October 13, 2020 - Workshops

Workshop 07 - 14:00 to 15:30

Digital twin in medicine: are we [im] patients?
Chared by Philippe Gesnouin Project Officer EIT Health and EIT Digital, Inria

Patient specific cardiac modeling : old and new
By Philippe Moireau, Senior Research Scientist, Inria

The mathematical and mechanical models of cardiac contraction have been greatly developed over the past two decades, making it possible today to see their use as a diagnostic or medical prognosis tool. This requires both precise and numerically efficient models, as well as robust methods to personalize them from the data of each patient.

 This presentation will therefore be the opportunity to show some of the most recent models while emphasizing the challenges of future modeling and scientific computing. We will also endeavor to present the data assimilation approaches which glue together modeling and patient data, ultimately generating a real heart forecast of a patient.

Finally, we will discuss how more unexpected clinical applications have emerged since the beginning of our research, allowing us to consider new ways of transferring our tools to clinicians, beyond cardiology.

Biography  : Former student of Ecole Polytechnique and "ingĂ©nieur en chef du Corps des Mines", Philippe Moireau obtained his PhD from Ecole Polytechnique in 2008 in applied mathematics. After a postdoc at Stanford University in the biomechanics team of Charles Taylor (founder of the startup HeartFlow), he returned to Inria as a researcher. He obtained his Habilitation in Applied Mathematics from Paris-Sud University in 2016 and his expertise covers questions of multi-physics mathematical modeling, but above all the inversion of biophysical models using data, typically from patients (heterogeneous signals, medical imaging). He is now in charge of the multidisciplinary team M3DISIM, a joint team between Inria and Ecole Polytechnique covering mathematical and mechanical modeling and inverse problems applied to medicine. He is the author of numerous works ranging from inverse problems, control, numerical analysis to physical modeling and clinical applications, develops simulation and data assimilation codes for the cardiovascular system and holds several patents on cardiac devices enriched by simulations.

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