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Tuesday October 13, 2020 - Workshops

Workshop 07 - 14:00 to 15:30

Digital twin in medicine: are we [im] patients?
Chared by Philippe Gesnouin Project Officer EIT Health and EIT Digital, Inria

Semantic methods of representing medical concepts
By Dr. Arnaud Rosier, Co-founder & CEO, Implicity, Medical Doctor in Cardiac Electrophysiology, and PhD in Computer Science

Digital modelization, among witch numeric twins, is an area of research of growing interest in life sciences. In particular, 3D-4D models of the human body and genomic or molecular knowledge représentations are useful ways to generate or test research hypothesis, or plan a personnalized procedure in silico. Anatomy and molecular or genomic interaction are usually well defined and models accurate.

However medical knowledge also includes a variety of concepts such as disease, disease history among patients, and patient signs and symptoms, which are often non natural. These human constructed concepts that are harder to formally describe and represent in a formal langage usable by a machine.

Being able to use digital model of a patient with such entities representation is critical to many applications. We describe the combination of a robust method to represent disease-related and other medical entites and how semantic graphs or ontologies can be used to instanciate a patient numeric twin for replicating medical reasoning or be used as knowledge representation.

Biography  : Dr Arnaud Rosier is an electrophysiologist and doctor of health informatics (research done at INSERM). His second doctorate was co-directed by Pr. Anita Burgun and Pr. Philippe Mabo at INSERM laboratories. Both of them still collaborate with Implicity and are members of the scientific advisory board. Dr. Rosier created Implicity to extend his research after his thesis in remote monitoring automation. With 15 years of experience in cardiac electrophysiology and 12 years in artificial intelligence and knowledge engineering applied to health, Dr. Rosier is the author of a dozen international publications in peer-reviewed journals, notably on telecardiology and the contributions of AI to medical decision support. He is also an angel investor of digital health companies including Cardiologs, Lifen, Ambuliz, Biloba, etc. In the context of Implicity, he is fully operational and occupies the position of CEO.

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