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6 bis, rue Riquet
75019 Paris France



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Ingénieur commercial
Tél. : +33(0)1 49 58 45 70



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Oxalya is a software editor for the management of computing and scientific visualization infrastructures. Created in 2005, Oxalya’s historic job is the integration of computing infrastructures. Building on this experience Oxalya has developed software which make simulation access easier. With its two main products VirtualNodes® and VisuPortal®, Oxalya addresses every user’s need  regarding HPC and scientific visualization access.

Deployed in your own infrastructure, VisuPortal® is a software created to optimize and facilitate the use of your graphic resources. Whether your applications, your displays or your graphic clusters, you can manage everything, locally or remotely, through a unique interface. VisuPortal® is designed to integrate all of your applications and to allow you to access them in a SaaS mode. Once you are connected to your own portal, you are able to interact with your data in just a few seconds, through an applicative session.

VirtualNodes® is a software dedicated to the management of  shared computing datacenters. With Virtualnodes® you can manage, book, and automatically deploy multitenant clusters. Through a unique user-friendy interface,  both managers and users can access their infrastructures remotely. Heterogeneous machines, system snapshots, permissions, storage, detailed consumption, every aspect of your computing resources are controllable either from the interface or in command line.

VirtualNodes® is also available as an on-demand resources provisioning service.

Oxalya is a member of Teratec since the association creation. Highly involved in the HPC and R&D domains, Oxalya soon fitted within the association dynamics.
Oxalya coordinates the Collaviz project aiming at providing an open source framework for remote collaborative pre and post-processing.
Oxalya also contributes to the CSDL project (Complex System Design Labs) by bringing together and giving access to all of the entire use cases through its VirtualNodes® and VisuPortal® software.


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