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TERATEC Forum 2022
Environmental issues enter the HPC world

Eagerly awaited after two digital editions, the 17th edition of the Teratec Forum provided an opportunity to share the vision and developments in technology and the market, as well as to bring together manufacturers, users, suppliers, researchers and specialists to discuss high-power digital issues. And it was clear: digital technology is accelerating all the time. This acceleration, which underpins the digital transformation of companies and imposes new rules in the world of high performance computing and simulation, is accompanied by the sudden emergence of environmental issues in its landscape.


TERATEC Forum 2019
Emergence of Europe, Rise of Data Analysis, and Use of these technologies by the greatest number of people

The 14th Forum TERATEC held on June 11 and 12 at the École Polytechnique clearly confirmed three main trends in High Performance Computing and High Performance Data Analysis: Europe’s determination to become a major global player in the field, the rising Use of supercomputers for Simulation and Data Processing, and Societal concerns generating a huge need for computing, all of which influencing technology.

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TERATEC Forum 2018
Addressing key Users’ concerns at Forum TERATEC 13th edition

The 13th edition of the Forum TERATEC has just closed at Ecole Polytechnique. More than 1,200 participants gained the opportunity to take stock of state-of-the-art high-performance computing (HPC) and digital simulation, as well as more innovative technologies such as HPDA, Big Data processing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It was also revealed that sectors as diverse as automotive, satellite image processing and embedded systems development are facing relatively similar issues and needs.

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TERATEC Forum 2017
12 years old, a very good year!

The 2017 Forum has been a huge success, with the leading innovators in R&D and industry coming to explain to over 1,300 attendees how Big Data, Simulation and HPC can enable them to embrace the great digital transition. For its part, Teratec sees the Forum as a way to support industry in successfully navigating this transition: the professionals attending the two-day Forum this year were treated to a panoply of lectures, workshops, themed areas and more.

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TERATEC Forum 2016
An eleventh edition rich in events

This eleventh edition was particularly rich and intense: visitors and conference attendees filled the aisles and lecture halls to meet the market players and, during the plenary sessions and technical workshops, review the latest trends in HPC, Big Data and Digital Simulation. During the opening of the plenary sessions Thierry Mandon, Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research, stressed the "major importance of mastering HPC and digital simulation technologies for research and for the economy"...following on from Jean-Claude Junker, President of the European Union who, in 2015 at the Elysée, reminded us of "the power of mega data and high performance computing, as catalysts for economic growth, innovation and digital conversion in all economic sectors and for businesses of every size"..

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TERATEC Forum 2015
10th anniversary of Teratec

Attracting over 1,300 international participants, the Teratec Forum once again demonstrated its positioning as a major event for HPC, Simulation and Big Data at the service of industry and research. Directors of industrial companies discussed current technologies and those that will shape the future. Large-scale users spoke of how digital simulation is used in their specific sectors. In the speech by Emmanuel MACRON, France's Minister of the Economy, Industry and the Digital Sector, and the closing speech by Thierry MANDON, Minister of State for Higher Education and Research, the public authorities emphasised the rate of progress of HPC in France and the fact that it is integrated in major State decisions such as implementation of the Supercomputer Plan presented during the Forum.

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TERATEC Forum 2014
The benefits of HPC for companies

There's no longer any doubt about it: HPC helps companies by boosting their competitiveness! That was one of the main observations that the Teratec Forum illustrated during 2 very dense days of programming in Palaiseau, ending on July 2. The first day's talks highlighted how rapidly HPC has been expanding in France and the extent to which it has been adopted by the government in France and even Europe via major decisions, such as the official launch of the "Supercomputers" plan, one of the first of the 34 plans adopted by the French government; it was approved on May 7 by Minister of Industrial Recovery Arnaud Montebourg and President François Hollande.

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TERATEC 2013 Forum

The 8th Teratec Forum, which has just come to a close, confirmed the strategic importance of HPC in the industrial and service sectors, and its expansion to small and medium enterprises.
Everyone involved in high-performance simulation, from major operators and simulation companies to the government, users, and small businesses, officially endorsed its important role. Meanwhile, General Commissioner for Investments Louis Gallois defined high-performance simulation as a strategic priority forinvesting in the future of digital technologies.

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TERATEC 2012 Forum

The seventh edition of TERATEC Forum was held on June, 27 & 28, 2012 at the Ecole Polytechnique. With nearly 1,000 participants, 60 international speakers and 60 exhibitors, Forum TERATEC has once again demonstrated the dynamism of industrial technology providers (hardware, software and services) facing a strongly expanding market and increasing interest from industrial users as prompt, efficient means to improve competitiveness.
Success and impact of the Teratec days have proven to be unquestionable. As the vast majority of speakers, officials and politicians, high performance Simulation and Computing has become an essential tool serving innovation as well as competitiveness in the Industry and in most fields of application.

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TERATEC 2011 Forum

June 28, the plenary sessions illustrated the growing importance of HPC in many areas of industry and research and its role in major scientific and technological advances, with the participation in the morning of major political, economic and academic figures, and leading international industry users and suppliers. In the afternoon, senior industrial and ICT leaders have given their testimonies on the challenges of high performance simulation in several domains: aerospace, new materials, big data, operational research …June 29, the workshops have addressed critical HPC subjects and provide an opportunity to discover some major projects currently under development by industry in cooperation with research organisations. June 28 and 29, an exhibition with more than fifty booths presented innovations from the major HPC players, software manufacturers and producers, integrators and distributors, service providers, academic and laboratory researchers, public and private sector developers, etc.

TERATEC 2010 Forum

By gathering the best international experts in high performance numerical design and simulation, the TERATEC Forum is the major event in France and in Europe in this domain. It confirms the importance of this sector in the development of industrial competitiveness and innovation capacity.
Concentrated on the very fast development of HPC usage in many various domains, the TERATEC 2010 Forum, bringing together more than 700 people, highlighted the economic and scientific dynamism of HPC for key industries and services and the new role now played by France in this field.
On Tuesday, June 15, the plenary sessions illustrate the increasing impact of HPC in many areas of industry and research and its role in major scientific and technological challenges
An exhibition of some fifty booths present innovations coming from the major players, manufacturers and software editors, integrators and distributors, services providers, etc.
On Wednesday, June 16, workshops address HPC major topics and will be an opportunity to discover some major collaborative projects under development between industry and research.


TERATEC 2009 Forum

TERATEC 2009, the meeting of the HPC community around the technological and economical aspects of the high performance simulation and computing development.

  • June 30, the plenary sessions presented the HPC political and strategic aspects with the participation of industrial providers and users.
  • An exhibition with forty participants presented research projects results and on-going developments of the main industrial actors.
  • July 1st, dedicated workshops covered some major subjects, both on technology and on usage, but always in close association between industry and research.

More than 600 international experts participated to TERATEC 2009, including also decision makers and high level scientists from the industrial world and the academic world, coming mainly from Europe but including representatives of the major international initiatives.


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