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European Pole of Competence in high performance digital simulation

TERATEC brings together over eighty technological and industrial companies, laboratories and research centers, universities and engineering schools, who want to combine their resources in the strategic area of Simulation and High Performance Computing.

  • Mastering technology : Teratec participates actively in initiatives to improve industrial mastery in the numerical simulation and HPC sector, which is crucial to keeping Europe competitive and innovating.

  • Industrial research : Teratec helps set up and promote French and European research projects by industrial companies, technology suppliers, and major research centers via R&D programs in France and Europe .

  • Dissemination across industries and services : Teratec helps companies, especially small and medium-sized businesses, gain access to the high-performance computing technologies they need to develop new products and services.

  • Support for SME’s: Teratec supports technological SME’s and start-ups in their actions to value their expertise and their offers. It also facilitates their access to industry leaders and helps them set up and finance their R&D projects.

  • Teaching and training: Teratec has joined forces with universities and major engineering schools to design programs in initial and continuing education that cover the entire spectrum of high performance simulation and modeling.

  • International cooperations: Teratec develops international cooperations in many fields: European research programs, exchange programs with major industrialized countries and some emerging countries and also international partnerships.

To achieve these objectives, TERATEC created ​​the first European Technopole dedicated to high performance computing and simulation allowing the establishment of joint research laboratories capable of conducting research at the highest level, the arrival of major players and start-ups in a highly creative campus.

The association and its objectives

The members of TERATEC

TERATEC is a major playerin Europe in the field of intensive calcualtion and simulation. It is located in Essonne in the vicinity of Arpajon. It constitutes the core of a technopole referred to as a R&D area and is a member belonging to the world competitiveness pole known as "SYSTEMATIC Paris Region".

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