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2, rue de la Piquetterie


Contact :

Laurent ANNE
Sales & Marketing Director
Tél : +33 (0)1 69 26 62 10



100% hex-mesh generated automatically from a CAD model. Innovative technology developed in the scope of the Systematic Paris-Région IdF cluster. ©DISTENE

The mission of Distene is to develop and market the best proficiencies and technologies in the area of pre-processing, which is one of the key to optimizing CAE design analysis tools.

DISTENE is proposing MeshGems, a suite of Meshing Software Components that allow developers to easily implement robusts geometry-based simulation industrial applications.

It is a reference technology on the market because of its speed, quality and industrial level robustness. Most of the CAD/CAE software of the market (ABAQUS, ALTAIR, ANSYS, DASSAULT SYSTEMES, MSC.SOFTWARE, PTC, SIEMENS PLM SOFTWARE, ...) are “Powered by DISTENE”: you certainly already used our technology !!

Some industrial companies, like EDF or SAFRAN, embedded and are also using MeshGems as part of in-house specialized applications. The MeshGems Software Gems aim at automating the meshing process with efficient and innovative solutions.


DISTENE is involved in the TERATEC initiative since the early beginning, with localizing his headquarter at the TERATEC campus. DISTENE is a member of the TERATEC board and participates to the main orientations. From its history, DISTENE have a strong experience of the HPC market and applications. As a conséquence, DISTENE is one of the innovative SMEs representative at the TERATEC board.

DISTENE is collaborating with TERATEC in the CARRIOCAS, EHPOC, OpenHPC and CollaViz projects of the SYSTEMATIC – Paris Region competitiveness cluster. DISTENE is working with most of the industrial partners of the CCRT.

Distene - Teratec
700 Million elements Mesh of a high-performance block of concrete (for nuclear facilities) generated with a parallel version of the mesh generator developed in the scope of the IOLS project of the Systematic Paris-Région IdF cluster. ©CEA/DEN-DISTENE

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