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August 07, 2013 : Distene joins the ETP4HPC initiative

The ETP4HPC initiative (see http://www.etp4hpc.eu/ for further information) aims at defining research priorities and action plans on High Performance Computing (HPC) to support major research and technological advances in the medium to long term. An industry-led initiative, a European Technology Platform (ETP) for High Performance Computing, is being formed to address these issues. This ETP will define research priorities for the development of a globally competitive HPC technology ecosystem in Europe. It will propose and help to implement a Strategic Research Agenda. DISTENE made the decision to join this initiative and become an associated  member ETP4HPC (see members list here : http://www.etp4hpc.eu/members/members-list/) as a continuation of its investment in HPC technologies and ecosystem for many years. Indeed:

  • DISTENE moved its headquarters and R&D team in 2004 to the TERATEC Campus, the European Pole of Competence in High Performance Simulation (see www.teratec.eu for further information), located very close to the CEA Very Large Computing Centre, and has been involved in the TERATEC initiative ever since the early beginning.

  • DISTENE is or has been involved in many national HPC-related projects, like IOLS, EHPOC, OpenHPC, TIMCO and CollaViz of the SYSTEMATIC – Paris Region competitiveness cluster (see http://www.systematic-paris-region.org/ for further information), which helped invest on the adaptation of MeshGems to HPC.

Being part of such an European-wide HPC ecosystem is a great chance for DISTENE, as it makes the MeshGems suite evolve into a  range of meshing components addressing High Performance Computing. This can be achieved thanks to HPC experts, technologies and methodologies.

July 24, 2013 : DISTENE is sponsoring the 22nd International Meshing Roundtable

Distene is proud to sponsor the next edition of the International Meshing Round Table, that will take place in October 13-16, 2013 at The Buena Vista Palace Hotel & Spa in Orlando, Florida, USA. This is the 22nd edition of this International Conference that is fully dedicated to research and development in the field of mesh and grid generation. In 1992, Sandia National Laboratories started the Meshing Roundtable as a small meeting of like-minded companies and organizations. This conference has become recognized as an international focal point annually attended by researchers and developers from dozens of countries around the world. The International Meshing Roundtable continues to focus on bringing together researchers and developers from academia, national labs and industry in a stimulating, open environment to share technical information related to mesh generation and general pre-processing techniques. As every year, the International Meshing Round Table is a great occasion to meet MeshGems developers and discuss with them.

January 25, 2013 - DISTENE grows with the Teratec Campus
Interview of Laurent ANNE, Sales & Marketing Director and co-founder of DISTENE

DISTENE, the developer of the world leading MeshGems suite of meshing software components designed for CAD and CAE software developers, decided to continue its growth on and with the new Teratec Campus.

The story between Teratec and Distene is kind of fusion: Distene is a founding member of Teratec initiative and one of its devoted supporter. At its creation in 2004, Distene decided to locate its headquarter on the first building of Teratec, the “Pôle Teratec”, that was materializing then the emergence of the initiative of the same name, with the success which we know today. At Distene, we have long been convinced of the importance of high performance computing, and we immediately join the Teratec initiative that has been presented by its first president at this time Mr Saguez. Distene and Teratec were born and grew up together under a lucky star, and the move of Distene in the the new Teratec Campus concretely symbolizes our organic growth of more than 150% over 8 years of business, that is nearly a 20% growth per year, with a 300m2 office in this new Campus while we were occupying only 115m2 in the former building.

Today, the similarities between our stories continue. While Teratec news is the opening of this new Campus, Distene, meanwhile, moves to make the launch of the new version of its MeshGems suite of software components, you can find on our new website www.meshgems.com.

This release is the result of a redesign of our software technologies :

  • to provide our customers with increased flexibility of use, efficiency of integration, ease of maintenance and a global service with higher value-added,

  • to accelerate our ability to develop new technologies, new solutions and improve our overall R&D capacity, at constant headcount, and, thus, our capability to respond quickly to new market needs


While Teratec increases, with the new Campus, its capacity to continue its growth, influence and ability to make high performance computing a field of excellence in France, Distene, with the release of the new MeshGems suite, leverages its assets for a faster growth on its international market. In particular, to support this growth, Distene recently signed several agreements with U.S. companies for services of Business Development.

While the trend is the one of the extended entreprise based on teleconference facilities, we are strongly convinced of the virtues of an environment such as the Teratec Campus which aims to centralize specialized skills, especially for elitist domains like HPC. Innovation remains a matter of Men who shall discuss together to the emergence of new ideas and concepts. So, having such dedicated centers of expertise in one place will for sure help innovations. And, the imminent establishment of famous HPC actors and of dedicated HPC labs of the Research & Technologies Institute SystemX shall bring the Teratec Campus at the highest level of excellence in HPC. 


Distene continues its presence on the Teratec Campus to have an easy access to this unique environment. It will drive faster and safer the development of its software products whose genesis is inevitably led by the HPC. Since Distene is exposed to a strong international competition, such an easy access is an asset for its competitiveness.

To end, Distene would like to make special Thanks to the CCI Essonne and his staff that supports the Teratec Campus and that offers its residents a wide range of efficient and pertinent services that facilitate the life and business at Teratec Campus.



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