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Forum Teratec 2021
Thursday June 24

New Storage Paradigms to Tackle Exascale Challenges

Chaired by Philippe Deniel, chef du Laboratoire architecture du stockage et des systèmes, CEA DAM

Credit P. Stroppa

Supercomputers architecture evolves a lot, making it now possible to build machines whose compute power will rise several exaflops, or even tens of exaflops (more that ten billions of billions of floating operations per second).

These high performances do not result only from processor performances increasements, they rely on in-depth changes in the massive compute clusters architecture, made of tens of thousands of nodes connected by a dedicated network with a complex topology.

From the mass storage point of view, supercomputers evolution will cause several major challenges to be tackled with :

  • managing an always increasing storage volume (tens of EB (exabytes)) and even more clients:

  • dealing with the strong heterogeneity of the data and adapting the quality of service with the type of data;

  • dealing with the internal complexity of supercomputers, since the interconnexion network’s topology tends to drive the compute nodes away from the servers that actually store data.

  • placing data wisely inside multi-tiered storage pools made of stacked devices ( NVRAM, SSD and HDD drives, or tapes)

  • optimising data movements inside multi-tiered storage pools, in particular as pieces of data are promoted or demoted.

Currently used mass storage systems mostly rely on very large paralell and distibuted file systems like ustre or GPFS. This solution will soon reach its scalability limits in the exaflopic era, making it necessary to rethink the mass storage systems involving new paradigms.New concepts and ideas already exists: some were born outside HPC (such as the Object Store model which comes from cloud providers or online video services), others are evolution of already existing products and methods that will become aware of storage.

This workshop has exposed those new paradigms for tackling the forthcoming challenges in the area of the mass storage technologies.

With the participation of :

Philippe Deniel, ingénieur-chercheur, CEA


Phobos, an open source scale-out distributed object store using disks and tapes
Thomas Leibovici, ingénieur-chercheur, CEA


Data management for Exascale: toward a user centric paradigm
Sven Oehme, CTO et Jean-Thomas Acquaviva, Team lead Research Group, DDN

Abstract & Biographies

SHAMan : a flexible framework for auto-tuning HPC systemps
Sophie Robert, Doctorante, Atos, Soraya Zertal, Maitre de Conférence Hors Classe, UVSQ et Philippe Couvée, ATOS

Abstract & Biographies

Extreme Data Challenges in Numerical Weather Prediction - Managing Exascale datasets
Tiago Quintino, Team Leader, ECMWF

Abstract & Biography

Storage Aware Scheduling with Slurm
Iakovos Panourgia, HPC Applications Consultant, EPCC, Adrian Jackson, Senior Researc Fellow, EPCC, Darren J. White, Applications Consultant, UEDIN

Abstract & Biographies

Universal Storage, Architecture of the Future according VAST Data
Dominique Fleury, Country Manager France, et Lionel Meoni, Senior Pre-Sales Engineer, VAST Data

Abstract & Biographies

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