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Forum Teratec 2021
Thursday June 24

Workshop 06 - 16:00 to 18:00

New Storage Paradigms to Tackle Exascale Challenges
Chaired by Philippe Deniel, chef du Laboratoire architecture du stockage et des systèmes, CEA DAM

Phobos, an open source scale-out distributed object store using disks and tapes
ByThomas Leibovici, ingénieur-chercheur, CEA

Phobos is an open source scale-out distributed object store providing access to multiple backends from flash and hard drives to tape libraries.

Phobos is developed at CEA, it is in production since 2016 to manage the France Genomique multi-petabyte dataset at TGCC.

Very large datasets can be efficiently managed on inexpensive storage media without giving up performance, scalability or fault-tolerance.

Phobos is designed to offer several data layouts, such as mirroring or erasure coding. IOs through tape drives are optimized by dedicated resource scheduling policies. It supports nativement the SCSI interface to tape libraries and has design fully based on opensource software and well known standards (such as LTFS to peform IO operations on tapes) in order to avoid vendor lock-in.

Phobos has various frontends from S3 to Lustre copytool support making it possible to use Phobos has an Lustre/HSM backend. Its API makes it possible to develop new frontends. In particular, a POSIX filesystem interface on top of Phobos is under development.

This presentation exposes the design of the Phobos software and how it was created to handle the exascale challenges. It will present a few future use cases which can be efficiently handled by Phobos.

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