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Forum Teratec 2021
Thursday June 24

Workshop 06 - 16:00 to 18:00

New Storage Paradigms to Tackle Exascale Challenges
Chaired by Philippe Deniel, chef du Laboratoire architecture du stockage et des systèmes, CEA DAM

Universal Storage, Architecture of the Future according VAST Data
By Dominique Fleury, Country Manager France, VAST Data
and Lionel Meoni, Senior Pre-Sales Engineer, VAST Data

VAST is a high performance storage solution with a radically new and different approach from what has been done so far.

The main objective is to provide a flash-only file & object storage solution, at a lower cost, and to eliminate decades of storage tiering.

Its DASE (Disaggregated Shared Everything) architecture makes it possible to separate the CPU from the media and to have so-called asymmetric scalability.

The front-ends are provided by servers where the VAST OS is deployed under the Docker Container to present protocols such as NFS over TCP, NFS over RDMA, GPU Direct Storage (For AI and ML requirements), SMB, S3, and Kubernetes CSI driver integration, … others to follow.

The back-ends is made up of Intel Optane 3D xPoint (Buffer persistent for writes) and QLC (Lower cost Flash) technologies, guaranteeing density (1U or 2U format) and longevity for 10 years + thanks to our data optimization algorithms and our developments.

Everything is linked by an NVMe Fabric (Ethernet 100Gbe or InfiniBand) where all the media are seen and presented by the servers without exception, which no longer poses a problem of redundancy, rebuilt, cache coherency.

The Global Namespace including the MetaData are accessible from all fronts.
We are on a completely Scale Out architecture, or if more performance is needed (IOPS & Client Connect), we simply add front-ends (+10000), need more capacity or bandwidth, we simply add capacity JBOF backend enclosures (+1000), all at the exascale.

Biography: Dominique Fleury is the Sales Manager France, Italy and Spain for VAST Data. With more than 20 years in the storage, he has been successively in charge of some majors accounts at EMC during 12 years, then in charge of storage business for DELL during 4 years before launching et developing Rubrik in France the last 4 years.
Biography: With more than 20 years in the Storage & Performance (aka iO as a nickname), successively worked for EMC (10 years) as a Storage Specialist, Bull (1 year) as a Storage Architect, Dell (5 years) as a Compute, Networking and Storage PreSales, Rubrik (4.5 years) as a France Founder and CTO, and today actively in charge of the VAST Data SEUR (South European Union Region) Business Development, from the technical perspective.


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