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TERATEC Forum 2012
Thusday June 28 - Workshops

Workshop 1 : Complex Systems Numerical Design

This workshop was dedicated dedicated to a “methods & tools state-of-the-art” for complex systems numerical design and optimization. Despite last decade giants strides in hardware and software in terms of performance and simulations accuracy, there are still numerous critical technology challenges for a fully effective and efficient use of virtual design tools & methods by industry and research.

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Workshop 2 : Exascale Challenges

The goal of Exascale computing is to multiply by one thousand the performance of the fastest machine on operation. Reaching this goal on the top end will also mean that the standard server available for our daily work will benefit from this very high density, delivering hundreds of teraflops, if not petaflop, at our finger tips. This will help to generate much faster, more precise and more complex simulations, higher quality medical imaging will yield faster medical diagnostic and treatment, and, with such a computing power, Big Data will open opportunities for personalized medicine or will provide new ground breaking correlations.

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Workshop 3 : Visualization, optimization and performance

During the 2011 Teratec Visualization Workshop we presented the interests of interactive simulation. Since then “Remote Display” solutions have known a great rise in terms of usages and functionalities. Are these software the only answer for a profitable and sustainable investment? How to secure one’s data and retain the intellectual property ownership while collaborating remotely? Do any of these solutions stand out? Many fair and practical questions to which we bring answers, with the help of experts and through users feedback.

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Workshop 4 : Green Computing Centers

Whether for environmental or for financial reasons, there have been for the last few years a growing concern about the energy bill of HPC centers. Several reasons may explain this situation: An environmentally responsible attitude because of the media coverage, the electricity bill has become predominant in the running cost of IT equipment, Initiatives aiming at gathering good practices and at certifying datacenters.

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Workshop 5 : Data Deluge(s)

Scientists and engineers have long been producing and using big datasets, be there numerical simulation results, observed or measured data, or digital models. These data have been tremendously growing in volume while their distribution and circulation on networks has been exacerbated. But we are now also surrounded and overwhelmed by massive flow of business, administrative, financial, multimedia, social network data, as well as data related to sensor networks or mobile objects. Be there public or private, creating meaning and value from these data deluges will require radical improvement and new approaches for their storage, processing, analysis and exploitation.

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Workshop 6 : Special SME Session

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ScilabTEC : Fourth edition of the Scilab Users’ Day

The annual day of current or future Scilab users has become the major event of numerical computation and simulation community since 4 years. One day to provide Scilab users with the opportunity to discover the latest software developments, industrial applications and enhance their knowledge of Scilab and its ecosystem.

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