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TERATEC 2012 Forum
June 27 & 28 - Ecole Polytechnique (Palaiseau, Paris area)

With more than 1,000 participants, 60 international speakers and 60 exhibitors, Forum TERATEC has once again demonstrated the dynamism of industrial technology providers (hardware, software and services) facing a strongly expanding market and increasing interest from industrial users as prompt, efficient means to improve competitiveness.

During the plenary sessions on the first day, large firms such as Schlumberger, L'Oreal and Arkema presented major impact these technologies have on the oil, cosmetics and chemicals industries. Tata Consulting Services highlighted the growing use of large amounts of data within the corporate organization. Kalray’s highly innovative start-up, and leading technology firms such as Xyratex showed up the extraordinary revolution taking place.

The intervention of David ROS, Vice President of the General Council of Essonne, demonstrated the importance of Simulation and High Performance Computing towards innovation.

Philippe GILLET, Vice President of the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, presented the actions of education and research conducted at the highest level by the great European institution.

Finally, the plenary sessions comprised a presentation of Brazil’s ambitious plans in this domain, given by Nelson MACULAN former Minister of Higher Education of Brazil, to be concluded by Robert MADELIN, Director General for Information Society and Media of the European Commission who confirmed the Commission's commitment to such strategic issues for Innovation and European competitiveness.

On the second day, technical workshops provided participants with an update on progress made in many fields: visualization, optimization and performance, complex systems, architectures, deluges of data, Eco responsible computer centers, free software, access means for SMEs, etc.

Some international manufacturers from various sectors (automotive, energy, biology, life science...) took us with their views about progress and technological challenges in the Complex Systems Numerical Design. A presentation of future projects of the IRT SystemX some of which will settle on (the?) Teratec Campus completed this state of the art review.

Key challenges brought about Exascale computing have been clearly tackled by four European scientists working on innovative digital oriented models for communications reduction, arithmetical intensity or optimal usage of comprehensive data. Such many challenges, both hardware and software related, signal the spread of research works from specialists, manufacturing industries or scientists members of the Exascale Computing Research Laboratory led by Intel Corporation which will settle in the next coming months on the Teratec Campus.

Numerous participants came precisely to listen and take the vision from key players and witnesses about Big Data phenomenon (or deluges of data) and, new methods and techniques dedicated to graphic representation, storage, processing, analysis and exploitation.

Within the Ecole Polytechnique Main Hall, were held 60 booths run by major HPC players. Computer manufacturers and Software publishers, suppliers and integrators of Solutions services (Hardware and Software), Universities and Research laboratories exhibited the latest innovations in the fields of high performance digital simulation, practical achievements or releases as well as R&D projects, thus spreading the whole value chain for HPC.

The 2012 Teratec Forum has also given us the opportunity to announce the opening of the Teratec Campus in Bruyères-le-Chatel (Essonne) with laboratories and office space on 13000m² close to the CEA site and its Very Large Computing Center, to host several hundreds of people among research teams and equipment manufacturers becoming the first technopole in Europe dedicated to high performance Simulation and Computing.

Success and impact of the Teratec days have proven to be unquestionable. As the vast majority of speakers, officials and politicians, high performance Simulation and Computing has become an essential tool serving innovation as well as competitiveness in the Industry and in most fields of application.

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