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2 rue du Gévaudan
SILIC 1743 - Lisse
91047 EVRY Cedex
Tél.: +33 (0)1 69 87 02 55
Fax : +33 (0)1 64 97 28 59


Contact :


Clémence LAVAINE
Marketing Communication Coordinator
+33 1 69 87 02 55 poste 215






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Created in 2000, REFLEX CES is a french company, designing and manufacturing high-speed boards and rugged systems solutions based on high density FPGAs and processors.

REFLEX CES has 90 employees, including 60 engineers. It produces more than 15 000 boards a year, and works with a worldwide distribution network.
Furthermore, the company is expanding worldwide, particularly in USA, Europe and Asia.


REFLEX CES has established itself in numerous markets, such as military and defense, industrial, finance, Big data & HPC, test & measurement, intelligent vision, video, medical, and automotive.

REFLEX CES boards have almost limitless applications, and are adapting to projects and customers’ specifications.


REFLEX CES is positioned in three business areas:

  • The Instant Development-Kit

Devkits are made to offer a first approach to customers, and show different options.
A DevKit is composed of a REFLEX CES electronic board, several software layers already developed, and an intuitive graphical user interface where customers can choose between several options and the navigate through the interfaces of the board. In addition of working with a new FPGA component, the objective of those DevKits and packages delivered by REFLEX CES is to reduce the design cycle and chance to make a proof of concept right from the beginning, by providing all the bricks for building applications.
Furthermore, the DevKit’ boards also can be used in “production”, as a standard product.

  • Commercial Off-The-Shelf board

REFLEX CES also offers FPGA boards as off-the-shelf products. Those boards can be purchased directly with the REFLEX CES own engineering expertise, with little or no internal developments to do.
Those electronical boards are in a standard PCI Express format, aimed to be integrated in PC or servers. It addresses vertical markets, like finance or big data as accelerator boards. Especially for HPC and Acceleration applications, REFLEX CES has got a relevant OpenCL expertise by adding on top of the hardware the BSP layer (Board Support Package) allowing software engineers to develop application code and powerful calculation algorithms without knowing the FPGA Hardware architecture. Those FPGA boards are very relevant versus GPUs for parallel processing algorithms.

  • Custom

The last, but not least, REFLEX CES activity is the turn key developments activity. The goal is to build based on customer requirements and given specifications, and provide development, prototyping, industrialization and production services.

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