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Workshop 3 - Wednesday, June 20 from 9h00 to 12h30

Chaired by Guillaume COLIN DE VERDIERE, CEA

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During past years, quantum technologies were seen as very promising but it was a theoretical view. The availability of simulators and new hardware solutions is a game changer.

Users will be able to experiment those new technologies. More, they will learn how to imagine new applications using this new compute capability boost.

This session is the perfect opportunity to survey the general quantum landscape and the latest technological developments.

With the participation of :

Quantum Computing: Moving Out of the Lab and Into the Real World
Bob SORENSEN, Vice President of Research and Technology and Chief Analyst for Quantum Computing, HYPERION RESEARCH

Abstract & Bio Download the presentation

Atos QLM, a future-proof approach to quantum computing
Christelle PIECHURSKI et Thomas AYRAL, ATOS

Abstract & Bio Download the presentation

Quantum computing with superconducting qubits – Towards useful applications
Stefan FILIPP, Technical Leader Quantum Computing, IBM Research Zurich

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Leading the evolution of compute: Quantum Computing
Anne MATSUURA, Director of Quantum Applications and Architecture, INTEL Labs

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Scalable Quantum Computing approach at Microsoft
Bernard OURGHANLIAN, Chief Technology & Security Officer, MICROSOFT France

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Quantum Computing at Google
Kevin KISSELL, Cloud technical director, GOOGLE

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