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HPC Archives

The data requirements for analytic workloads are truly massive. They can entail multiple billions of files in a single file system to multi-petabyte single files and everything in between. Until recently, R&D organizations had only a few options for handling data of this magnitude:

  1. Parallel file systems (e.g. Lustre)
  2. Local file systems across clusters (e.g. HDFS) for temporary or “scratch” data
  3. Large tape libraries for archives

All have serious limitations for data-intensive R&D purposes. For starters, they offer no good way to keep multiple result sets or checkpoints at the ready for comparisons and additional analysis. Tape is too slow for efficient recovery. Parallel file systems are also too unstable, high maintenance, and lack adequate scalability.

With Scality RING you gain options you’ve never had before. It can scale-out to accommodate as much performance and capacity as your R&D applications need, simply by adding hardware. Unlike parallel file systems, the RING can protect petabytes of data with six to thirteen nines of durability, with as much as 30% lower overhead.

The combination, running on your choice of industry standard servers, enables industry leading economics to capture, store, and analyze many times the amount of R&D data, improving insight and accelerating innovation;

IIoT Storage

The data implications of the Internet of Things are still unknown. One thing is certain. An era of unprecedented data volume and complexity is upon us.  Connected sensors and devices are being deployed in the millions (and soon in the billions) in consumer and industrial products. They’re capturing an ever-expanding array of motion, environmental, spacial, image, audio, and visual data. Personal health from Fitbit, automotive telemetry from Tesla, and turbine data from GE Digital are only a few of the early applications. Huge digital business opportunities and new revenue streams are driving a tumult of activity.
As with data lakes, IoT storage must have the agility to accommodate a variety of formats and data types (i.e., unstructured and semi-structured). With the ingestion of data from millions of endpoints, parallel workloads are a given. So is integration with higher level services, like PaaS (e.g. Apprenda and Cloud Foundry).

The Scality RING supports all of these requirements and much more. Already each day, the RING captures and serves millions of simultaneous pieces of unstructured and semi-structured data with high performance, availability, and durability. It can provide a 100% reliable foundation for your IoT-driven data needs, so you can maximize your R&D efforts.
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