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Engineers rely on computer modelling and simulation methods and tools as vital components of the product development process. As these methods develop at an ever-increasing pace, the need for an independent, international authority on the use of this technology has never been more apparent. NAFEMS is the only worldwide independent association dedicated to this technology.

One association

NAFEMS is the one association dedicated to the engineering analysis community. In fact, NAFEMS is the only independent association dedicated to FEA and CFD worldwide. With over 1000 member companies ranging from major manufacturers across all industries, to software developers, consultancies and academic institutions, all of out members share a common interest in design and simulation.

We are the only association which provides vital 'best practice' information specifically for those involved in FEA, CFD and CAE, ensuring safe and efficient analysis methods. By becoming a member of NAFEMS, you and your company can access our industry-recognised training programs, independent events and acclaimed publication - all of which are designed with the needs of the analysis community in mind.

One vision

NAFEMS is a not-for-profit organisation with one clear vision - the safe an reliable use of analysis and simulation technology. Over the past 25 years, it has been our mission to:

  • facilitate international industry, academic and government collaboration that leverages unbiased multi-disciplinary engineering expertise
  • improve product and process simulation
  • have a positive impact on quality, profitability, schedules and safety

An important part of our mission is listening to the needs of the community and paying close attention to any emerging interests. Our working groups, consisting of more the 300 NAFEMS members, identify areas of interest to the analysis community that require educational materials to be developed which ensures our vision evolves in line with the needs of our members and the wider simulation community. 

.One community

NAFEMS is one community made up of several thousand individuals. Many of our member companies have several hundred employees who all take advantage of NAFEMS membership. Through becoming a member, you can share your engineering experiences with these like minded individuals - allowing you to build long lasting relationships and contacts from the international engineering simulation arena.

Our community can give you a genuine insight into the real life uses of simulation in a neutral arena - unlike any other. 

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