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Frederic AATZ
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Microsoft, develops, markets and supports a wide range of software and services for professional and domestic use. In particular, Microsoft provides a range of infrastructure solutions to deliver computing capacity from the workstation to big compute cluster in the Cloud. Major products include: Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Azure. Microsoft main activities and values are:

  • Support the digital transformation of all organizations, thanks to the cloud: With its intelligent cloud offerings and the provision of environments conducive to creation, collaboration, Exchange and mobility, Microsoft enables Organizations to develop or reinvent their business model.

  • Digital Trust is at the heart of Microsoft's ambition, which is distinguished by a "privacy by design" approach to protect the privacy of its users and ensure the integrity of the data entrusted to it. Only users can decide how to use and share their data

  • Democratize Artificial Intelligence: the integration of AI into all its services and solutions, whether it be Office, Windows, Dynamics or Azure and the provision of these technologies for developers, ISVs.

  • Develop more human and personalized interfaces: Mixed reality, available with HoloLens, our standalone holographic computer or with Windows 10 and the Surface range, allows to reinvent business processes to gain efficiency And be able to focus on innovation in the service of business.

Openness on all platforms: Since 2008, Microsoft has chosen to support open standards. At the global level, Microsoft is involved in more than 150 organizations and 400 working groups as well as many open source foundations.

Microsoft and Teratec

Microsoft already collaborates with many members of the TERATEC ecosystem: builders, software publishers, integrators, and large public and private organizations. Our Datacenter and Cloud platforms offer the latest technology innovations. In 2018, Microsoft opened 2 Azure regions in France with 4 datacenters on the national territory.
Being a member of TERATEC allows us to engage in collaborations to pool skills and experience, to contribute to new topics and to continue to progress on new areas such as:

  • HPC and Big compute
  • Machine Learning, Internet of objects, Big Data
  • Quantum Computing
R&D Projects

Broad topics covered (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/), specific focus on:

  1. HPC and big compute
  2. Machine Learning, Internet of things, Big Data
  3. Quantum computing

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