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Kitware is an innovative open source technology company that tackles some of today’s toughest scientific computing challenges. We leverage our technical expertise by customizing open-source software to provide cutting-edge computing solutions free from license fees. We enjoy collaborating with our customers to integrate leading-edge software technologies into their workflow, and dramatically improving the scientific computing capabilities of an organization. Many of our open source tools like VTK, ITK, CMake and ParaView are used around the world by eminent organizations.

Our technology portfolio includes 3D visualization and informatics, medical imaging, computer vision, robust scientific databases and software management tools for cross-platform building, testing, and packaging of software libraries and applications. We partner with premier organizations including the CEA, The Swiss National Supercomputing Center, CINECA, the U.S. National Labs, elite academic research institutions such as Harvard, MIT and Stanford, military research groups such as DARPA, and commercial organizations in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, orthopedic, dental, engineering simulation, publishing, mapping, and oil and gas markets. Kitware also collaborates with the worldwide communities of users and developers who maintain and advance computing technology using the many open-source software systems that Kitware sponsors and creates.

Kitware's role in Teratec

Kitware's role in Teratec is three fold. First Kitware provides support and training for its open-source HPC solutions (VTK and ParaView) to the Teratec members as well as the French and European research institutions and corporations. Second, Kitware aims to engage in partnerships with Teratec members in order to tackle challenging problems and develop innovative solutions. Finally, due to Kitware's open-source collaboration culture we will develop communities and computational infrastructure in the HPC and visualization fields.

Kitware's Project related with Teratec

Computational Model Building

In addition to the end user application, ParaView also provides a set of libraries, which enables developers to use ParaView’s client/server architecture in creating their own applications. One example is the Computational Model Builder Suite which is being developed for the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC). The CMB Suite addresses the pre and post processing needs associated with groundwater and surface water hydrological simulations. The CMB Suite includes tools for processing scatter point data, creating geometric domains, associating simulation information to parts of the domain, and creating and manipulating computational meshes.

Idaho National Lab’s CAVE

ParaView is being used on Idaho National Laboratory’s Computer-Assisted Virtual Environment (CAVE) to intuitively visualize data in 3D. A CAVE enables researchers to be immersed in a 3D environment surrounded by their data, facilitating data interpretation in ways that traditional computers cannot provide.


At Kitware, we have worked with Sandia National Laboratories on advanced informatics solutions that assist analysts in understanding floods of information. Informatics is the fusion of information science and processing with information systems engineering to effectively present and visualize meaningful data. Text analysis and visualization techniques condense millions of diverse documents and social media content into summary diagrams that may be interactively traversed to find interesting new facts and relationships. Network analysis tools discover outliers in voluminous network traffic data in order to detect and avoid cyber-attacks.

Turbulent/Non-Turbulent Interface DNS Simulations

ParaView continues to gain recognition in the Computational Fluid Dynamics Community. This image, authored by Ricardo J. N. dos Reis, was chosen to illustrate the front cover of the February 2011 Philosophical Transactions A of the Royal Society themed issue “Dynamical Barriers and Interfaces in Turbulent Flows.” It represents a temporal plane jet DNS simulation, where, orange denotes the interface between the turbulent and non-turbulent flow. Yellow represents the radius of identified Intense Vorticity Structures and the white mesh contours use a pressure value for identifying some Large Scale Vortex structures.


Chemistry and in silico studies are playing an increasingly significant role in many areas of research. Kitware is creating the state-of-the-art computational workbench, making the premier computational chemistry codes and databases easily accessible to chemistry practitioners. We are developing an open, extensible application framework that puts computational tools, data and domain specific knowledge at the fingertips of chemists. We are extending the work already done in Avogadro, and developing new applications and libraries to augment existing functionality.

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