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Marie-Christine Oghly
Tel : +33 (0)1 41 22 99 30



EnginSoft France

A pioneering European company active in the field of Simulation Based Engineering Science, EnginSoft France provides instrumental solutions for engineering, consulting, training and research in virtual prototyping to accompany business into the future.

A subsidiary of Enginsoft SpA, one the leading actor of numerical simulation in Europe and in the United States, EnginSoft France develops and brings to market computing solutions dedicated to the use of infrastructure-based High Performance Computing (HPC) and Cloud Computing platforms.

Enginsoft France assumes the exclusive commercialization of modeFRONTIER®, a multi-disciplinary and multi-objective optimization and design environment, and covers the distribution of FLOWMASTER®, a one-dimensional thermo-fluid-dynamic software, in the French-speaking countries.

EnginSoft France also ensures the commercialization of:

  • FloEFD®, a 3D computational fluid dynamics software,
  • CETOL6Sigma, a tolerance analysis software,
  • Sculptor®, a mesh deforming software, 
  • CharLES®, a 3D CFD code able to perform combustion, aeroacoustic and multiphase calculations using LES method (Large Eddy Simulation),
  • FENSAP-ICE®, the premier in-flight icing simulation software,
  • RecurDyn®, a CAE software which offers the unique combination of Multibody Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis and Controls.

Besides research, consulting and training, EnginSoft France offers “ready-made” solutions in the field of simulation based engineering science and design.

EnginSoft France also focuses on research and development by participating in french and european competitiveness cluster projects.

For further information about our activities or software, please send your message to info.fr@enginsoft.com or visit our website www.enginsoft.com/fr

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