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Do It Now

Palais Castillon Bât D
1 rue des Chevaliers de Malte
34970 LATTES


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Marketing Director and Partner Manager


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Do It Now

Do IT Now - The European alliance that brings HPC services to the next level

Do IT Now is an alliance of 3 companies:

  • Do IT Systems (Italy),
  • HPCNow! (Spain)
  • UCit (France)

Counting together more than 30 years of experience providing HPC solutions in the fields of science and engineering, we can provide our clients with more than 80 high skilled HPC engineers.
We offer a range services and solutions that covers the entire HPC ecosystem, allowing our customers to benefit from a single point of contact for all their HPC needs.

Planning Services (Consulting, Solution Design, HPC Environment Audit)

Do IT Now can provide consulting in a convenient and flexible way with a wide range of possible activities. From the design and implementation of a new HPC solution, to the assessment and optimization of the Client’s existing HPC infrastructure. We are agnostic in the selection of hardware, cloud and software. Therefore, not being linked to any specific manufacturer allows us to select the best solution for the Client or to participate in public tenders as independent consultants.

Installation (Infrastructure Installation, Cloud Integration, Software Installation and Optimization, Training)

Do IT Now takes care of the full installation of an HPC system, from the infrastructure to the final application, including customized training that covers all necessary details for a successful administration and proper use of the resources

Maintenance (Managed Services, Support)

Do IT Now conducts the whole maintenance of an HPC system through its lifetime. It also offers the best support to the users, advising and resolving any technical issues that may arise, quickly and efficiently.

Do It Now & Teratec

Do IT Now is a new partner for Teratec, even though we benefit from the established and solid relationship between UCit and Teratec.

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