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Université Paris-Saclay

Parc Technologique
Immeuble Discovery
Route de l’Orme aux Merisiers
91190 Saint Aubin

Tel. : + 33 1 69 33 21 62
Fax : +33 1 60 11 08 58



Université Paris-Saclay

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A research university in a growing environment.

Located between Paris and Versailles, Université Paris-Saclay is home to eleven thousand researchers and professors, training sixty thousand students in their bid to access knowledge.

The R&D centres of several major industrial groups in sectors that include energy, agriculture and food, pharmaceuticals and defence. Together with SMEs in all the latest high-tech fields, as well as an entire network of start-ups and innovation initiatives, they make up an area that first saw the emergence of thriving scientific research fifty years ago.

Université Paris-Saclay has been designed to develop - to a level unprecedented in France - the continuum of knowledge from basic research to applied science, emphasising an interdisciplinary and international approach. Its aim is the advancement of knowledge in major issues facing our society today, through world-class research. Université Paris-Saclay offers students a forward-looking study environment and programme of academic courses. Constant interaction between research laboratories and socio-economic players enables cutting edge research to turn into innovation.

Université Paris-Saclay benefits from the strengths that define the nineteen founding institutions : a close link between education and research, prestigious research laboratories and major research infrastructures, international acclaim for engineering and management programmes, high-level, broad-based courses.

Ambitious and open research

Université Paris-Saclay is creating considerable mo-mentum in developing research and education. The teams brought together in the eleven “laboratoires d’excellence” (strategic science partnerships) reinforce the science communities around key themes and provide them with a focal point. Working across disciplines ensures cross-fertilisation of these groupings. These factors com-bined enable the Université Paris-Saclay’s three hundred laboratories to match international competition and to meet the scientific and socio-economic challenges, now and in the future.

These research teams lead projects to the very limits of our knowledge and are organised in ten thematic departments. They are supported by interdisciplinary institu-tions of world renown, with experimental and technological platforms and major infrastructures, for the benefit of all disciplines.

With over 8 000 publications every year, research teams at Université Paris-Saclay have gained an international reputation in many fields including mathematics, physics, neuroscience, astrophysics, nanoscience, materials sci-ence and life sciences.

A single brand and a common signature will support the growth in potential of the Université Paris-Saclay entity and every scientific team within it.

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