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Applied Research Center in Modeling and Numerical Simulation

Rue des Frères Wright 29
6041 Gosselies



Sales & Business Development Manager
Tél. : +32 71 91 93 40

General Manager
Tél. : +32 71 91 93 30


Excellence Center in numerical simulation technologies

CENAERO is an applied research center providing to any company, involved in a technology innovation process, high fidelity numerical simulation methods and tools to invent and design more competitive products.

Our ambition is to be internationally recognized as a technology leader in modeling and numerical simulation, to be a strategic partner of large global industries as well as a real support to regional companies including innovative SME. Mainly active in Aeronautics, CENAERO wishes to increase the transfer and the application of its technology to surface transport, energy, health and sustainable development.  CENAERO will develop the necessary experimental capabilities to validate its methods and tools and will maintain a top supercomputing infrastructure among the world 500 most powerful systems. Partner and customer satisfaction as well as the guarantee of the quality of our processes and products are at the heart of our actions.

Passion drives us. The technological challenges of our partners and customers stimulate our creativity and our envy to continuously improve ourselves. Scientific rigor and intellectual curiosity fuel our quest for high-quality work. We make a priority to establish on trust long-term relationship with our partners and customers and within CENAERO teams. Boldness moves us forward to ambitious projects. We solve these challenges by mobilizing our willingness, our competences, our organization and our capability to master risks. We believe our co-workers are the source of our success. We care for the personal development of our collaborators and seek to make them harmoniously progress.

As a R&D partner of the SAFRAN Group since March 2007, CENAERO mission aims at helping companies that wish either to develop new methods or acquire new competences in one or several numerical simulation domains such as:

Virtual Manufacturing (simulation of assembling processes such as welding, machining, etc.)

Multi-scale Modeling of Materials and Structures (composites design, fracture mechanics, adhesively bonded structures, etc.)

Multi-Physics Fluids Dynamics (CFD, aeroacoustics, aeroelasticity, aerothermics, etc.)

Multi-disciplinary Optimization (blades design optimization, technical-economical optimization of structures design with native access to CAD, etc.)

CENAERO is now employing 50 engineers.

Figure 1 : Contra-Rotating Open Rotor aeroacoustic design, snapshot of the entropy contours (optimized geometry (right) w.r.t. the reference (left)).


CENAERO is the most important high performance computing (HPC) center in Belgium. Today, CENAERO operates essentially an important distributed memory supercomputer, or HPC cluster, which is the result of several upgrades of a machine procured in 2004. Since its last upgrade in 2008, this supercomputer, code named Ernest, now counts more than 2000 processing units (cores) and ranked 447 in the Top500 list issued in June of the same year. It provides a storage capacity of more than 20 TB, a third of it being supplied by the high performance and reliable GPFS system.

By joining TERATEC, CENAERO has found a way to bidirectional exchanges:

Networking of CENAERO partners specific competences

Sharing of computers resources which are necessary to fulfill CENAERO mission

Meeting with French partners in order to take part in collaborative projects (FP7, pole of competitiveness projects, etc.)

CENAERO is proud and delighted to be a member of such a dynamic network in both France and Europe, which is fully dedicated to numerical simulation.

Figure 2 : Failure analysis of an assembly of two stators of a low-pressure compressor.


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