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Prime contractor for the design, integration and operation of turnkey systems, offering both innovation and performance, CS is present all along the value chain for its customers. CS expertise in critical applications and systems makes it a partner of choice in the sectors of space, defense & security, aeronautics, transportation and energy, in France and abroad. With €205 million in revenues and 2,200 employees, CS stands out as a trusted provider, acknowledged by its major customers for its capacity to innovate, for its expertise, and for the commitment and service sense of its personnel.

CS offers a universal service suite in high-performance simulation, including access to powerful computing resources and advanced scientific coding, aimed at optimizing studies in simulation/modeling, and intended to speed product design and development phases.

High Performance Computing
Computing power not only releases the potential for innovation in companies and government bodies, but also their capacity to be responsive and shorten their “time-to-market.” Given the many economic, industrial and regulatory challenges, CS fosters access to technologies at best cost and offers its customers a global service:

system & application support

  • operability and availability,
  • profitability of available computing resources,
  • access to computing power via secured access portals.

services in high performance computing

  • migration, optimization & parallelization of computer coding (CPU/GPU),
  • development and third-party applications maintenance for scientific programs and algorithms.

High performance simulation on demand
High-performance simulation is a crucial element in the competitive edge of companies. It enables shorter product design cycles as well as services that are better adapted to customer needs. In addition, it speeds the analysis and comprehension of complex phenomena.

  • Scientific studies: structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, materials, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, multi-physical couplings, and more,
  • product distribution: debuggers, profilers, compilers and middleware,
  • consulting & training: consulting services, audits, engineering and design consultancy, benchmarking, technology assessments, and training in digital design.

High performance simulation center
CS, as the high performance simulation Center in Pau integrator and operator, offers a global simulation service, open to all industrial players in the region around Pau, France, in particular, aeronautics firms. Thanks to a latest-generation super computer infrastructure, the simulation center hosts innovative simulation and modeling solutions for optimizing digital design chains, and in particular a service platform, developed within the framework of the program, MOSART (dedicated to the aeronautics sector). The simulation center offers, at competitive cost, thanks to its shared budget:

  • supply of super-computing resources,
  • access in software-as-a-service (SaaS) mode for simulation applications,
  • realization of complete simulation studies and digital designs (structures, fluid mechanics, aero-thermodynamics, etc.),
  • application porting and optimization services on hybrid configurations (CPU and latest-generation graphic processors).

A partner in TERATEC, the European excellence center for simulation and parallel computing, created by French atomic energy agency CEA, and at the heart of the competitiveness cluster, SYSTEMATIC, CS coordinates a project for high performance computing design and optimization environments (French: EHPOC), the follow-up to a project for infrastructure and simulation software tools (French: IOLS).

In partnership with INRIA, the French institute for research in computer science and control, CS directs the project, CILOE, for the implementation of a distributed parallel-computing system, available to partners in the competitiveness cluster, MINALOGIC.


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