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AS+ Groupe EOLEN

37-39 rue Boissière
75116 PARIS

Tel: +33 (0)1 46 12 10 00

ContactS :


Sebastien MONOT
HPC Business Unit Manager



Business Development Manager






AS+ is a subsidiary of the EOLEN Group, dedicated to high-performance computing (HPC), Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Since 2010, our teams have developed an extensive expertise around HPC including multi-core or accelerator-based architecture and large computing clusters. This know-how enables us to offer, through our HPC proficiency services center, a comprehensive range of services tailored to the needs of our clients such as industrial or academic end-users, integrators and manufacturers of HPC solutions, HPC data centers operators, and software vendors.
Our service offering covers three main areas of expertise:

  • Development and numerical simulation in HPC/HPDA environments:
    • Code development and porting on parallel architectures
    • Third-party application maintenance (TMA) of computing codes
    • Performance audit and optimization
  • Support for HPC/HPDA infrastructures on-site, in the cloud, or hybrid:
    • HPC software support (end user)
    • Managed services for HPC systems
  • Support for HPC/HPDA projects:
    • Architecture audit and selection (storage, networks, ...)
    • Tools and methods
    • Training

Our teams, present at several leading computing centers such as TGCC, IDRIS, CINES, and TOTAL, offer intervention modes closely aligned with the needs of our clients, including consulting/audit, training, technical assistance, and turnkey services.

AS+ - Groupe Eolen has joined TERATEC in 2012 and has since achieved a number of actions directly related to the association. Thus, AS+ has exposed at the TERATEC 2012 forum in Ecole Polytechnique and has built up  an number of partnerships with HPC manufacturers also members of TERATEC such as Activeeon, Caps Entreprises, Nvidia and Intel.

AS+ - Groupe Eolen has committed itself futher in the association by establishing itself on the TERATEC campus of Bruyères le Châtel, in order to get its  R&D force nearer of AS+ teams already operating at CEA and TGCC. This should give AS+ the opportunity to wave new collaborations with the major European HPC actors located on the campus


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