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Advanced Computing Solutions Consultant
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2CRSi designs and builds digital infrastructures from the simplest and most commonplace to the most complex and innovative. As a specialist in HPC, 2CRSi distinguishes itself by its ability to develop hyperconverged and scalable solutions. While taking the best of technologies and components of the market, 2CRSi brings its expertise to its customers to bring them a tailor-made answer to their needs, offering flexibility and scalability.

Historically, one of our first HPC innovations is the hyperconverged IT platform named OpenBlade™. It was developed by 2CRSi and provided HPC players with a modular and scalable all-in-one infrastructure. The result of 10 years of research and development, as well as discussions with its customers, the OpenBlade™ was a unique solution in the HPC market.

In terms of performance, we can go even further for the HPC segment.

The OCtoPus 2 DLC is a 21" 1 OpenU high density server with 2 nodes, combining the power efficiency benefits of OCP specifications and DLC cooling. Each node is designed to accommodate a dual SP3 socket for AMD EPYC™ 3rd generation as well as 16 DIMMs slots. The real innovation of this server is in its ultra-efficient DLC system. It guarantees you optimal, less power-consuming cooling even for the most demanding workloads while maintaining high density.

In short, the OCtoPus2 DLC is the ideal solution if you want to increase your computing density while significantly reducing your PUE.

2CRSi remains ahead in such a dynamic market thanks to its strategic partnerships and R&D resources

2CRSi is an Intel "Technology Provider Platinum - HPC Datacenter Specialist", one of the few French companies to have this accreditation. The company is also an NVIDIA Preferred Partner for AI, visualization and HPC.

Through its strong partnerships, 2CRSi is recognized as a safe bet in HPC, counting among its customers companies from leading industries (military, aerospace, geophysical exploration, finance, education).

Thanks to its teams of experts and enthusiasts, 2CRSi mobilizes all the necessary resources to keep innovation at the heart of its activity.

2CRSi & Teratec

2CRSi, as a computer manufacturer, is investing heavily in research and development on future high-performance computing systems.

Today, we share our experience of HPC within TERATEC. We seek to invest with European players by building partnerships to move forward on the issues of storage and intensive computing.

R&D Activities
  • Distributed storage, serverless
  • GPU opencompute platform
  • Openblade third generation


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