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Thursday June 24

Workshop 04 - 14:00 to 16:00

Autonomous Systems: Stakes from Development to Exploitation
Chaired by Gilles Le Calvez, VIS BG R&I, VALEO Systèmes de Visibilité

Trustworthy AI for Industry
By Julien Chiaroni, Directeur Grand Défi en Intelligence Artificielle, Secrétariat Général pour l'Investissement (SGPI)

Based on the strategic roadmap of French “Grand défi” and a franco-german position paper on speeding up Industrial AI and Trustwothiness” (Sonja Zillner, Julien Chiaroni and al), this presentation will highlight some possible solutions in order to tackle challenges on “Industrial AI and Trustworthiness”.

First, a set of tools and methodology for trustworthy and industrial AI has to be develop in order to support the design, test, validation, verification, and maintainability of AI-based systems in conformity with all the specifications. To achieve this goal, we must revisit "classic" engineering (algorithmic engineering, software engineering and system engineering) to ensure the system's compliance with requirements and constraints. New sets of methods and tools shall be developed to streamline AI systems life-cycle phases, from data collection and knowledge engineering to design and in-operation monitoring and maintenance. The industrial challenge is then to design end-to-end the entire "AI system engineering" process covering the entire value chain, thus making it possible to industrialise AI.

Secondly, new conformity assessment schemes, either for self-conformity assessment or third-party assessment, are required to prove systems conformity to risk, functional and trustworthiness requirements. Indeed, AI in critical systems will require defining of the new risks related to these  systems and adapting established testing and conformity assessment approaches to include AI capabilities and functions. This will enable significant performance improvement while ensuring an unprecedented level of safety maintained. This approach is key to gaining user trust and promoting the wide deployment of AI in strategic industries.

Finally, new standards are key in order to guideline all these development.

This presentation will highlight the initiative in France to support this topics that are key for industrial competiveness.

Biography:   Julien Chiaroni has been appointed Director of the great Challenges (Directeur des Grands Défis) on “Trustworthy AI for Industry” in SGPI. He was previously Director of Strategy and Programmes at List, the Institute for digital and artificial intelligence technologies, with more than 700 researchers located in Paris-Saclay and Grenoble. He implemented the strategy for in a wide scope of digital technologies, such as cybersecurity, AI or cyber physical system, for the institute and set partnerships between research and industry; in particular in regards to the thematic of trust in AI and its implementation in embedded systems. Before this, he had operational positions at scientific level as well as management level at Leti, the institute for microelectronics and IT technologies. From 2008 to 2010, he coordinated the nanoscience and nanotechnology programme at the National Research Agency.

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