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Wednesday May 31

Workshop 03 - 15:00 to 18:30

Digital Twins for Operational Performance Enhancement
Chaired by Laurent Bernou-Mazars, CTO & co-fondateur, Exaion and Alain Despiau-Peyralade, Smart building / IoT / Multimedia expert consultant, DSIT, Groupe EDF

Digital twins, these models that allow simulating, analyzing and optimizing industrial processes, equipment or systems, are increasingly being used in various sectors (healthcare, transportation, energy, etc.) to anticipate resource usage, reduce costs and CO2 emissions, improve supply and distribution networks, optimize predictive maintenance, and accelerate innovation initiatives.

In this workshop, co-hosted by EDF and Exaion, several user companies and domain experts present concrete use cases implemented in their sectors, the challenges they faced, their usage experience, and the results obtained. They also discuss the security and confidentiality issues associated with the use of these models, as well as the technological challenges to be addressed for their large-scale implementation.

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