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ParaTools SAS

2 rue de la Piquetterie
Tel: +33 (0)1 60 81 08 91


Contact :


Dr Sameer SHENDE
President and Director

Dr Jean-Baptiste BESNARD
HPC Consultant





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ParaTools is an expert-consulting society specialized in low overhead consulting in parallel and distributed computing, performance evaluation, algorithms and software development.

With a highly specialized team of Ph.Ds in High Performance Computing, ParaTools can address the most demanding tasks in your HPC workflow. Besides, ParaTools is rich of 20+ years of experience in parallel profiling, being the sole licensee of the TAU performance system which is a state of the art profiling tool providing insight on parallel applications performance at scale.

Organized in small offices in Eugene, Baltimore and Bruyères-le-Châtel ParaTools is specialized in low overhead consulting: we provide a dedicated expert reporting his progress on a weekly basis with continuous source code access and integration support. This, with a high-level expertise at competitive costs thanks to our matrix-based organization.

ParaTools is dedicated in providing HPC actors with skilled consultants to face HPC challenges, feel free to contact us at info@paratools.fr or on http://www.paratools.fr.

ParaTools & TERATEC

ParaTools opened an office in the Teratec campus and is willing to strengthen its links with Teratec members by providing its expertise and contacts from both academia and industry. By structuring the HPC community in France and Europe, Teratec is an important instrument of innovation.

With a positioning at the interface between research and industry, ParaTools is involved in the design of innovative solutions to face upcoming HPC challenges. In this context, being part of Teratec  is an opportunity to coordinate our efforts in order to fortify the globally recognized HPC ecosystem in France.

Ongoing projects linked with Teratec:

MPC runtime development, MPI IO, energy and performance evaluation using TAU.

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