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Pasqal builds quantum computers from technology with neutral atoms, in 2D and 3D networks. The goal is to provide a practical quantum advantage to its customers to solve real world problems, especially in quantum simulation and optimization.

Pasqal was founded in 2019 by Georges-Olivier Reymond, Christophe Jurczak, Professor Dr Alain Aspect (Nobel Prize in Physics 2022), Dr Antoine Browaeys and Dr. Thierry Lahaye.

Located in Palaiseau and Massy, south of Paris, Pasqal obtained more than 140 million euros in funding combining equity and non-dilutive funds from Temasek, Eic Fund, Waed Ventures, Quantonation, Fund for Innovation Defense, Runa Capital, Bpi France, Eni and Daphni.

Early 2022, Qu&Co, European champion of quantum software, merged with Pasqal. The objective was to combine the portfolio of quantum algorithms of Qu&Co to the power of quantum computers with neutral atoms of Pasqal, thus bringing together the stage of quantum advantage for industrial customer and partners.

Early 2023, Pasqal made a fundraising of 100 million euros in Equity, in series B, the biggest in Europe.


PASQAL & Teratec

Pasqal aims to help the ecosystem to evolve towards quantum calculation technologies and to work in close collaboration with all HPC actors, universities and grandes écoles and private partners.


R&D Activities
Pasqal works in collaboration with major industrialists on the development of hybrid methods integrating both "classic" calculation and quantum calculation in the idea of highlighting the complementarity between HPC and quantum for Optimization use cases, Simulation or Machine Learning uses.
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