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BP72 - 29 avenue de la Division Leclerc FR-92322 CHATILLON CEDEX

Tel: +33 1 46 73 40 40
Fax: +33 1 46 73 41 41


Contact :
Chef de l'Unité Environnement
Logiciel et Calcul Intensif
Chef du projet CEDRE



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NICETRIP (ERICA Tilt-Rotor) EU program RANS computation
elsA Onera software

Transonic Buffet Simulation on a Wing-Body Aircraft

Combustion chamber
CEDRE Onera software

Benchmark NASA - Landing gear
CEDRE Onera software

Calcul Flame trench Ariane 5
CEDRE Onera software


Onera The French Aerospace Lab
Science driving innovation in aerospace and defense

A public entity created in 1946, reporting to the ministry of defense, in 2016 :

  • 2985 employees
  • 238‑ doctoral candidates and 24 post-docs
  • 235 million euro budget
  • 55% contract-based business
  • Largest fleet of wind tunnels in Europe

Innovation, expertise and long-term vision for industry, French government and Europe
6 scientifics departments
Expanding the knowledge envelope — a strategic partner for :

  • Shaping the future
  • Expert advisor to the government
  • Innovative solutions for industry

A balanced business portfolio:  1/3 civil, 1/3 defense, 1/3 dual-use
Advanced technology and industrial success

  • All Airbus jetliners including the upcoming A350
  • Falcon 7X
  • Ariane 5
  • Propulsion
  • Helicopters
  • Space missions

Expanding knowledge to meet Society’s challenges, Environmental protection

  • Reduce aircraft noise
  • Reduce emissions
  • Alternative fuels

Expanding knowledge to meet Society’s challenges, Air transport safety and traffic management

  • Crashworthiness
  • Wake vortices

New defense concepts,expertise and systems

  • Nostradamus and Graves systems
  • Extended air defense
  • High-resolution infrared instruments
  • UAV research: Onera catalyzes and federates innovations

A fleet of test facilities unrivaled in Europe: 150 experimental test rigs and dedicated metrology systems

Europe’s leading center of expertise in large wind tunnels

  • Key resources for Airbus and Dassault
  • 50 years of working for industry
  • Certified ISO 9001 ten years ago

Onera shapes European aerospace research : member of EREA – Association of European Research Establishments in Aeronautics

Onera have a presence on the HPC front since the beginning with internal computing facilities: Cray (1S, XMP, YMP, C90), NEC (SX-4, SX-5, SX-6, SX-8), super-scalar BULL IA 64, and Paragon Intel supercomputer

In 2017 a new NEC supercomputer (17630 Broadwell cores, 580 Tflops Linpack, position 342 in the TOP 500 (june 2017).

Onera close to our industrial partners (SAFRAN, AIRBUS, MBDA, …) with elsA (Multi-purpose CFD simulation platform) and CEDRE (tools for propulsion and energetics using generalized unstructured grids ) softwares. Softwares are used for cooperations with schools as a training tools

Onera was also a partner of CCRT (Research and Technology Computing Centre) phase A-B and D since mai 2017.

Onera is involved in the SYSTEMATIC project, in a coordinated effort with AeroSpace Valley project, Astech and PEGASE project.



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