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Jeronimo MUNOZ
Business Developpement Manager
01 64 86 20 00






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Since more than 20 years, NEWNET develops a business approach for vertical markets.

Founded in 1997, Newnet is a French company, integrator of professional solutions under IP.

Acting independently from manufacturers and publishers, Newnet maintains a permanent technology watch to select the innovative solutions best suited to the challenges of the HPC, the simulation and the Big Data.

With a recognized expertise with the largest companies, Newnet is non-conformist and differentiates itself from other suppliers by its forward-thinking vision that allows it to anticipate needs by providing new solutions preferably to the supply of known but outdated technologies.

Newnet specializes in three areas:

  • NAS/IP storage solutions with very high performance and very high capacity,

  • KVM (keyboard, video, mouse and Switches) infrastructure to deport the signals and remotely manage servers for Data Center, Broadcast / Media and Control Room applications,

  • Time / Frequency Synchronization servers, through a very complete range of solutions that meet the requirements of all applications that require precise and reliable time reference.


Newnet is involved by making available to the association its expertise of more than 20 years in IP technology. Particularly around storage, which is constantly evolving and represents the heart of infrastructure. We share with TERATEC members the results of our ongoing technology watch around parallel file systems, high-performance NAS storage servers and innovative disk archiving solutions, that will reduce costs and protect data forever. Newnet tests, in its laboratory, all the solutions chosen and communicates the performances that will be the ones you will have in real life.


Through constant technology watch, Newnet selects the new, state-of-the-art storage solutions that are particularly suited to high performance requirements and the archiving of huge data capacities generated by HPC applications. In collaboration with the R & D teams of our partners, we test the selected solutions and participate in their adaptation to the real constraints of our customers. All of these solutions are available for proof of concept studies for the HPC, the simulation and the Big Data.

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