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Interface Concept develops and builds high-performance boards and systems dedicated for industrial and military applications. Interface Concept provides COTS Gigabit Ethernet switches, analog/digital signal processing boards, Single Board Computers and input/output in several form-factors (VPX, VME, PMC, FMC).

Interface Concept provides hardware and software customization, custom-designed solutions, technical Support, after-sales service, long-term maintenance and obsolescence management. Interface Concept is ISO 9001:2015 certified.


Interface Concept is specialized in the design of boards and systems for the embedded field and wishes to contribute with its experience to the development and manufacturing of High-Performance Embedded Computing systems.

Its know-how enables the company to focus on high-computing performance in harsh environments by using VITA standards (VITA65 in particular with the broadly used “VPX” form factor standard).

Interface Concept builds COTS products based on a dense electronic architecture. These products are optimized to withstand extended temperature.

They are equipped with innovative functionalities to handle high temperatures produced by processors (Intel®, ARM) or FPGAs. These cutting-edge functions allow extracting the heat and concentration in high-computing reduced places. Heat is managed by convection or conduction. This know-how is unique within Teratec and will be able to be used for all high-performance systems running in harsh conditions.

Activités de R&D

IC develops and manufactures the whole Hardware and Software building blocks required to build High-Performance Computers (eHPC) for real-time applications

• Analog front-end processing based on FPGA
• Multiprocessor/multicore Single Board Computers (CPU based on Intel® and Arm® processors)
• High-bandwidth communication boards (Ethernet switches)

In order to meet the increasing needs in bandwidth and processing power, IC expands its CPU product and Ethernet switch ranges (10/40 and 15/100 Gigabit Ethernet, and PCI Express Gen4). The next-generation processors (Intel® Xeon®, Arm® and Xilinx Virtex® UltraScale+™/ Versal® FPGAs) integrated in these new designs provide the computing power and performance needed in the most demanding Artificial Intelligence applications.

Besides, these new products integrate securing mechanism related to the targeted applications. The scalability of these boards allows also to implement synchronization protocols (PTP/1588/TSN), high-speed exchanges (sFPDP), redundancy (PRP/HSR) and video (ARINC188/Stanag3350).

Interfece Concept

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