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Grand E-Nov

30 rue François Spoerry


Contact :

Isabelle Kuhn
Directrice Générale Adjointe
+33 06 75 90 24 26







Grand E-Nov

Grand E-nov+, the regional innovation and international prospecting agency of the Grand Est region, meets to the needs of companies and territories in terms of innovation, digital, industrial and environmental transformation and attracting foreign companies

It does so in line with the Schéma Régional de Développement Économique, d'Innovation et d'Internationalisation (SRDEII) and the Intelligent Specialization Strategy (S3).

Composed of a team of more than 80 employees, mainly doctors and engineers, located located in 7 antennas throughout the territory, Grand E-Nov+ is financially supported by the the Grand Est Region, the Grand Est Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the European Union and most of the regional cities and agglomerations.

Grand E-Nov & Teratec

We are interested in the development of HPC and its applications in the Grand Est region, particularly in industry, either at high TRL levels in the context of an EDIH program or upstream through the development of research programs. Whether on the basis of individual or partnership R&D&I projects, or through a better understanding/integration of services, we want to boost the use of HPC, which is known to be linked to other digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence.

In partnership with TERATEC members in the eastern part of France, we want to develop synergies and projects with other companies in the region.

Thanks to our geographical position, with more than 700 km of borders, we also want to strengthen European cooperation in the area of digital technology and and HPC in particular.

R&D Activities

Grand E-nov+ is not a research organisation but we support our members' innovation processes.

However, we are partners of European programmes in the field of digitalisation of industries which cover aspects of ecosystem structuring (INTERREG Alpine Space SMART SPACE project), synergies between digital and environment (e.g. digitalisation of companies active in the field of circular economy - INTERREG Alpine Space Circular 4.O project), a better valorisation of open access databases (INTERREG Alpine Space DEAS project) or the link between human and social sciences and digitalisation (www.digiterri.eu) .

We are also the initiator of the EDIH project in the Grand Est region, which was submitted in February 2022 in response to the call for projects from DG CONNECT.

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