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ANEO deeply believes that collective intelligence maximizes the success rate in the implementation of transformation projects with its clients. Our ambition is to bring high value to companies and their people by leveraging on human intelligence and top nutch technologies.

Our flat and agile organization, made of a variety of creative experts, allows us to imagine unique and specific solutions with your teams. From strategy to execution, we positively impact companies culture, organization, processes and technologies.

Major player in numerical simulation since its creation in 2002, our main difference consists in our ability to create specific tools to any type of environment with a fine balance between performance, user friendliness and maintenability.

Our expertise allows us to develop turnkey solutions to intensive computation users integrating both software and hardware characteristics:

  • Implementation and optimization of HPC applications : profiling, parallelisation, « HPC in the cloud »,

  • Modelization and dynamic implementation of computer vision algorithms

  • High performance data analytics : architecture and development of data ingestion tools (Data Lake, distributed storage system, …), implementation and optimization of data analysis engines (predictive analytics, deep learning, real time analysis …), data visualization

R&D Activities

Convinced that R&D is a strong growth driver, we have dedicated a team of expert in order to evaluate the new technologies provided by our key partners. Beyond the benchmark of these new solutions, we aim at challenging their relevance regarding our customers operational needs.

HIPE - Hierarchic Image Processing Engine

The aim of this internal research project is to create a SaaS platform in which any user could compose dynamically (drag & drop) an image processing and/or machine learning stream. In addition, it should be possible to launch the resulted application both on x86 CPU and GPU without any manual intervention.

#MOOCLive - Study of online courses users

This research project #MOOCLive, funded by the ANR (French National Research Agency), aims at developing a MOOC Factory for training in Public and Global Health. In this project, ANEO provides a detailed understanding of participants and their usages, using machine learning algorithms.

FPGA project

Our various achievements have allowed us to acquire an important experience in parallel architectures such as Components off-the-Shelf (COTS) : Intel x86 multicore or AMD, IBM POWER architecture, ARM low-power chips, NVIDIA GPUs or AMDs or Intel's Xeon Phi. In addition, our experience in the compilation, vectorization or SMT (Simultaneous Multithreading) aspects allowed us to face many languages and tools. In order to broadening this expertise, we have launched this internal R&D project to fully explore the potential of FPGA cards.



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