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Tuesday June 14, 2022

Digital Simulation for High Performance, Big Data and Machine Learning (AI): Technology challenges and diversity of use

2021-2022, Confirmation of Quantum and European choices for Teratec
Daniel Verwaerde
President and co-Founder of Teratec

Since its creation, Teratec has always played a leading role in anticipating developments in HPC for the benefit of the industrial community. Over the past two years, Teratec has heavily invested in positioning its mission and actions in European projects while evaluating the contribution of quantum technologies to HPC.

Contributing to six European projects, Teratec has opened a "CC-FR Marketplace" for HPC, HPDA and AI technologies in the second quarter of 2022, as part of the EuroHPC Competence Center project. This reference marketplace will enable industrial and academic technology providers to list their service offerings (hardware, software, services, access to computing power), training courses, business events and job offers. Users can also perform multi-criteria searches and find a local solution hereto.

In the field of quantum computing, Teratec has been a promoter of the Teratec Quantum Computing Initiative (TQCI) for three years now, and is currently working to create a European quantum computing ecosystem to strengthen Europe's position in this field.

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Biography : Daniel Verwaerde has acted as the head of CEA, the french Atomic Energy Commission until 2018, He previously was in charge of the Defense Division of CEA.

In 1996, he was designated as the first « Director for Simulation » (French Science-based instance) when France decided to stop nuclear testing. In year 2000, he proposed to the French Government to extend the benefits of digital Simulation to economy and private industry paving the way to create Teratec and the « Computing Center for Research and Technology » and thus provide access for private industrial companies to use Supercomputers.

Daniel Verwaerde is a Mathematics engineer. He developed numerical methods to solve Partial Differential Equations on High Performance Computers.

Daniel Verwaerde graduated from École Centrale de Paris in 1977, where he is still teaching « Applied Mathematics for HPC ».

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