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Teratec 2022 Forum
Trophy of Simulation and Digital Technologies
Thursday June 9 (webinar) and Tuesday June 14, 2022 (Ecole Polytechnique)

Revelation of the most innovative players in digital technologies
Digital simulation - HPC/HPDA - Artificial intelligence - Quantum computing

4 Awards with 2 relays: 100% digital with dedicated Webinar on June 9 and 100% face-to-face with the Awards ceremony in the midst of the Teratec Forum on June 14, 2022

Startup Trophy

Awarded to a start-up (registered for less than 5 years at the opening date of applications) particularly distinguished by its innovation capacity in the field of digital simulation, HPC/HPDA, artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

The nominees are AltranSinnov for the project "Translocator Inspection autonome des réseaux électrique", Diagrams for the project "DiagRAMS Technologies" and SiPearl for the project "RHEA"

The laureat is SiPearl for the RHEA project

The trophy in the start-up category was awarded by Christine Ménaché, Head of the CEA's Very Large Computing Center, to SiPearl, represented by its president and founder Phiippe Noton, for its Rhea project.

Co-design Trophy

Awarded to a pair (or a group) associating a large company and an SME or a company and a laboratory or research center having collaborated on a project related to digital simulation, HPC/HPDA, artificial intelligence and quantum computing, whether at the research, development or implementation stage.

The nominees are Dassault Systèmes for the Virtual Earth Twin project, the IRT SystemX for the HSA project and Oktal Synthetic Environment for the Trustworthy sensor simulation for Ai project.

The winner is IRT SystemX et RTE for the HSA project

The trophy in the Codesign category was awarded by Daniel Verwaerde, President of Teratec, to IRT SystemX and RTE, represented in particular by Mouadh Yagoubi, project manager at IRT SystemX, for the HSA project (hybridation simulation apprentissage).

Innovation Trophy

Awarded to a product, technology or service developed by a technology company, which brings a clear significant innovation in the field of numerical simulation or data analysis.

The nominees are CERFACS-Safran & Aircraft Engines for the project "Etude numérique par méthode « Particle-In-Cell »", Naupactefor for the Navpactos project and SITOWIE for the PREDIBAT GREEN project.

The winner is Cerfacs and Safran Aircraft Engines fot the "Particle-In-Cell" project

Cerfacs and Safran Aircraft Engines received the Innovation Trophy, presented by Jean-Yves Berthou, director of the INRIA Saclay-Ile de France center, to Gabriel Staffelbach, a researcher at Cerfacs (European Center for Research and Advanced Training in Scientific Computing). ).

Grand Prize from the public

The winner is Altrans

The start-up Altrans won the Public Grand Prize for its automatic inspection solution for cable networks, called Translocator. Its ambition is to detect the precursors of defects in cables to reduce breakdowns and the cost of inspections.

June 9 - Webinar Simulation and Digital Technologies

On June 9 at 2:00 p.m., presentation of the nominees for the Simulation and Digital Technology Awards with the participation of the editors of L'Usine Nouvelle, Industrie & Technologies and the interventions of partners Atos and CEA.

A wave of unprecedented innovation in the processor technology, the deployment of artificial intelligence and the outburst of the Internet of Things: digital technology accelerates at all times. These disruptions underpin the digital transformation of companies, imposing new rules in the world of high performance computing and simulation. High-performance data analysis and quantum computing prevail in all areas to increase flexibility and efficiency. Here is a look at these changes and innovations:


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Video of the Digital Simulation Trophies ceremony 2020

Digital Simulation Awards 2020
13 octobre 2020 - Forum Teratec 2020

  • Grand prix du Public : Cortexia for its solution for managing urban cleanliness by AI.
  • Covid-19 Award: Two tied projects for their tools dedicated to the analysis of the propagation of particles contaminated by COVID 19: Dassault Systemes and ESI Group.
  • Start-up Award: Numalis for its tools ensuring the reliability of AI systems.
  • SME Award: Tweag for its system modeling tools in biology.
  • Innovation Award: Cosmo Tech & Renault for their comprehensive modeling of an aircraft engine.
  • Co-Design Award: CERFACS & AKIRA & Safran for their corporate digital-twin solution.

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Partners of the 2020 Numerical Simulation Trophies:

Video of the Digital Simulation Trophies ceremony 2019

Digital Simulation Awards 2019
June 13, 2019 - Teratec Forum 2019

  • Grand prix du Public: ESI GROUP
  • Start-up Award: Ambiciti
  • PME Award: Mokili
  • Innovation Award: ESI Group
  • Co-Design Award: Ingeliance Technologies / Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann

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Partners of the 2019 Numerical Simulation Trophies:

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Video of the Digital Simulation Trophies ceremony 2018

Digital Simulation Awards 2018
June 19, 2018 - Teratec Forum 2018

  • Grand prix du Public : MECASTYLE
  • Start-up Award : URBAN & YOU
  • SME Award : MASA GROUP
  • Innovation Award : SOPRA STERIA GROUP
  • Collaboration Award : SAFRAN TECH and its partners INRIA Bordeaux - Sud-Ouest, CORIA UMR6614 CNRS Université de Rouen et INSA Rouen

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Partners of the 2018 Digital Simulation Awards

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Video of the Digital Simulation Trophies ceremony 2017

Digital Simulation Awards 2017
June 27, 2017 - Teratec Forum 2017

  • Grand prix 2017 : DIOTA
  • Start-up Award : STRAINS
  • SME Award : COSMO TECH
  • Innovation Award : QUANTMETRY
  • Collaboration Award : TRANSVALOR

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Partners of the 2017 Digital Simulation Awards :

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Video of the Digital Simulation Trophies ceremony 2016

Digital Simulation Awards 2016
June 28, 2016 - Teratec Forum 2016

  • Personnalité 2016, Jean GONNORD, ex-responsable du programme simulation numérique du CEA "
  • Grand prix 2016 : DIOTA
  • Start-up Award : REALIZ3D
  • SME Award : NEXIO
  • Innovation Award : NUMTECH
  • Collaboration Award : ONERA et ANDHEO

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Partners of the 2016 Digital Simulation Awards :

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Video of the Digital Simulation Trophies ceremony 2015

Digital Simulation Awards 2015
June 23, 2015 - Teratec Forum 2015

  • Grand prix 2015 : DISTENE
  • Start-up Award : CYBELETECH
  • Innovation Award : HYDROCEAN
  • Collaboration Award : CERFACS et TURBOMECA

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Partners of the 2015 Digital Simulation Awards :

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