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Thursday June 24

Workshop 05 - 14:00 to 16:00

Autonomous Systems: Stakes from Development to Exploitation
Chaired by Gilles Le Calvez, VIS BG R&I, VALEO Systèmes de Visibilité

Data challenges in Autonomous system’s training, validation, and production
By Edmondo Orlotti, Artificial Intelligence Business Development Manager – EMEA, HPE

Over $220 billion dollars have been already poured into the transformation of modern ground mobility since 2010 (McKinsey). Getting autonomous vehicle on the road affects all the four major areas that are transforming the industry:  connected cars, autonomous driving, smart mobility and electrified vehicles (C.A.S.E.).

This brings to an unprecedented explosion of data generated by a multitude of sensors (+10 EB of data generated per month in 2025). Data management efficiency needs to get to new levels to handle such a complexity and turn this data into useful insights.

In this workshop, we’ll show how novel techniques like Swarm Learning can significantly reduce the data movement. In addition, we will address the performance and the data reduction strategies at validation, and the management of a complete CI/CD platform at scale like the new software defined vehicles require.

Biographie : Edmondo Orlotti runs Business Development for Artificial Intelligence at Hewlett Packard Enterprise covering Europe, Middle East and Africa. He has been addressing advanced analytics needs of industrial and academic environments from the very beginning of the deep learning age. Prior to HPE, he’s been covering several roles in sales and marketing for the Professional Division of NVIDIA. He’s also a professional journalist since 2001.

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