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Workshop 5 - Wednesday, June 20 from 14h00 to 17h30


HPC, Big data and IA need a profound transformation for extreme scale computing

Our societies are moving towards a hyper-connected and fully digitized world where billions of smart objects will interact to take intelligent and vital decisions in real time.

The challenge is to collect, analyze and store this tsunami of data.

Our current technologies can’t meet the challenges that this vision is asking us to outmatch. Major constraints are the energy, the economy, as well as this hyper complexity that creates opportunities to malicious hackers.

HPE research & development labs (HP-Labs) revealed that we could reach out to this vision on the precondition of holistically rethink our infrastructure.

The convergence between HPC, Big Data, Machine Learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) is crucial and we will show you why.

It is as well a huge opportunity that companies will have to appreciate, and in most of the cases, they will have to deeply rethink their codes and methodologies.

Biography : Patrick Demichel works for HPE for 38 years on computer technologies with focus on scientific domains. As Distinguished Technologist he works on HPC, Big Data, IoT and Machine Learning  domains, helping in the development and integration of innovations. He collaborates with HPE Laboratories, our divisions, partners and customers on mid and long term plans to find, adopt and valorize all disruptive technologies. He contributes in particular on to the programs “The Machine / genZ”,  “Moonshot / IoT” and focuses on of all special technologies like FPGA, NVM, photonic,  Artificial Intelligence, exotic technologies, cooling technologies, etc. .

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