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Workshop 1 - Wednesday, June 20 from 9h00 to 12h30


The use of Physics Based Predictive Analytics in Digital Twins
Frode HALVORSEN, Vice President Technology, EDR MEDESO

Abstract : Contrary to conventional analytical methods that require years of accreted data to unearth patterns and identify breaking points, EDRMedeso provides solutions that run simulation-as-analytics. As these physics-based models extend data and knowledge used in developmental phases into operational phases, they afford accelerated processes, and even a single data point is enough to predict the future behavior of a product.

As an application of this, a novel approach to intelligent equipment monitoring, and subsequent maintenance, based on the integration of IoT senor data and automated engineering simulations has been proposed. The equipment maintenance predictions can be based on e.g. fatigue, wear or erosion calculations using high-fidelity FEM or CFD simulations. It is also demonstrated how these high-fidelity models can be compiled into Reduced Order Models (ROMs) that can be utilized to create a simulator that is running in real-time.

Biography : Frode Halvorsen graduated from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in 2002 with a degree in applied mechanics. He then went on to work with his PhD thesis at SINTEF Materials and Chemistry from 2002 until 2005. The PhD work was completed on numerical simulation of metal forming processes.
In 2005 he joined the ANSYS Elite Channel Partner in the Nordic region; EDRMedeso. Over the last thirteen years he has held various positions in the technical department. Frode Halvorsen is currently the VP of Technology, with an end to end responsibility of the technical deliveries of the company. However, the main focus is put on bringing out, and implementing, new simulation technology out to the industry. For the last couple of years, solutions for simulation based IIoT, Digital Twins and Predictive Maintenance has been the top priority.

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