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Workshop 1 - Wednesday, June 20 from 9h00 to 12h30


Machine learning for Advanced Gas Trubine Injection Systems to Enhance Combustor pERformance (MAGISTER)

Abstract : The design phase of the next generation of gas turbine engines is a critical step for this industry and HPC facilities are already present with the use of massively parallel CFD tools devoted to the evaluation of combustors or rotating devices. Although routinely used today, these computations are usually accompanied with a number of low order models, correlations or calibration tools. This subsequent use of tools of increasing complexity is indeed necessary to capitalize on an industrial know-how, past experience… to minimize risks and dimension efficiently in an iterative manner the final and most optimal product. This workflow remains however quite limited today in terms of flexibility and sequencing. This observation is especially true in light of recent progresses in machine learning, big data treatments and algorithms as well as data assimilation techniques. If recast in the context of the so called numerical twin framework, the existing workflow can clearly open opportunities to the benefit of this industry. One objective of the MAGISTER European Innovative Training Network is to anticipate such a trend. Indeed, MAGISTER proposes to train fifteen PhD’s to this specific context whenever applied to the issue of thermos-acoustic instabilities. To do so experts in HPC, CFD, machine learning… are gathered to construct and evaluate this new framework based on emerging tools from academia as well as industry. Through the course of the presentation, the logic behind the project as well as the links between the partners will be detailed while identifying the cornerstones behind thermos-acoustic instabilities and existing solutions.

Biography :  Scientific Expertise: Energetic and Propulsion, Heat Transfer, Turbulent Reacting Flow Simula-tions, Multi-phase flows, Turbomachinery Flows, Flow instabilities, Modeling and High Performance Parallel Computing.
 Management and Formation on subjects related to aeronautical propulsion and energy production. Proposal Organization, Writing and Management of National and European research projects. Management, Execution of multiple contractual activities with major European industries in-volved in propulsion and energy production.
 ERC award co-recipient: Co-PI of the INTECOCIS research project (collaborative work between CERFACS & IMFT).
All of the above activities involve collaborations with:
Research Groups: EM2C (CentraleSupelec Paris), ONERA, CORIA (Rouen), LMFA (Ecole Centrale, Lyon), Stanford University (USA), Pittsburgh University (USA), Cambridge University (UK), Imperial College (UK), Czestochowa University (Poland), DLR (Germany), Darmstadt University (Germany), Twente University (Nether-lands), University of Florence (Italy), University of Rome (Italy)...
Industrial Groups: SAFRAN, EDF, MBDA, ARIANE Group, AIRBUS, CNES, Rolls-Royce, AVIO, SIEMENS, ANSALDO, Honeywell...

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