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Workshop 3 - Wednesday, June 28 from 9h00 to 12h30
Blockchain and digital value chain: foundations, governance, opportunities

Uses of blockchain for energy transition: return of experience on a ‘non feasibility proof’ by DAISEE

Abstract: DAISEE is a multidisciplinary research programme on the Internets of Energy. Started in 2015, it deals with conditions fostering ‘prosumers’ energy free sharing, and for grid stakeholders, transparent access to anonymized and auditable energy data. For one year, the project has been exploring the use of Ethereum technology in these processes. This presentation will expose the status of related research, systemic limitations identified, as well as development perspectives.

  Biography: Rieul TECHER is independant consultant (FrpntIR), entrepreneur (DAISEE), and co-founder of a research and experimental citizen lab (La MYNE). With a background of energy research engineer, Rieul is an expert in science-society relationships, transition management and entrepreneurship practices. Within DAISEE research programme, he actively contributes to the development of distributed solutions with shared and open governance, suited to territorial transitions (such as in the area of Energy). Among the considered and investigated technological building blocks, so-called Blockchain approaches allow a systemic approach of distributed systems.

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