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Workshop 3 - Wednesday, June 28 from 9h00 to 12h30
Blockchain and digital value chain: foundations, governance, opportunities

Blockchain: buzzword or true scientific problem ?

Abstract : “blockchain” is commonly described, with a mix of caution and of optimism, as the distributed computing systems tool that will give access to mutual trust between participants, regardless of space and time constraints. Some people are claiming it would be the most important general public computer science breakthrough since Internet. But what is the precise status: what is behind blockchain concept? Is this a new concept, does it have scientific foundations, if so what are they? What theoretical results guarantee its sanity, within which limits? Etc. The presentation will approach these questions by focusing on the notion of ‘distributed consensus’, which is pivotal for the implementation of mutual trust without centralized authority.

Biography : Michel Raynal is Professor of Computer Science at Rennes I University and researcher at IRISA (INRIA-CNRS-U. Rennes I). An internationally renowned specialist of distributed algorithms, and more particularly of coordination, synchronization and distributed agreements problems, he authored numerous scientific publications on distributed algorithms, as well as several textbooks, including 3 recent ones on the same topics:

  • "Communication and Agreement Abstractions for Fault-Tolerant Asynchronous Distributed Systems" (Morgan & Claypool Publishers, 251 pages, 2010, SBN 978-1-60845-293-4).
  • "Concurrent Programming: Algorithms, Principles and Foundations" (Springer, 515 pages, 2013, ISBN 978-3-642-32026-2).
  • "Distributed Algorithms for Message-passing Systems" (Springer, 510 pages, 2013, ISBN: 978-3-642-38122-5).

Michel Raynal is also a member of Institut Universitaire de France, a member of "Academia Europaea", and holds the "Distributed algorithms" Chair at Hong-Kong "Polytechnic University".

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