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Workshop 2 - Wednesday, June 28 from 9h00 to 12h30
Health - Perspectives for Personalized Medicine in 2025

Clinical applications using patient specific simulation
Michel ROCHETTE, Director of Research, ANSYS France SAS

Summary : Our main goal for patient specific simulation is the integration of computational workflow into standard clinical protocols. To be really adopted in the clinical practice there are several challenges:

- accuracy validation of numerical simulation with respect to in-vivo data using a cohort of patients
- demonstration of the added medical value by opinion leader clinicians,
- integration into an easy to use clinical software, 
- certification CE marking), FDA approval.

We are developing with startups 3 applications where biomechanical computations are part of clinical software.

First, Optimeyes is a clinical software tool developed by Optimo Medical that enables ophthalmologists to optimize laser eye surgery. Using patient-specific images, Optimeyes runs ANSYS Mechanical in the background to model the structure of the eye and predict the incision strategy that can drive the laser instrument for the best resulting vision.

Secondly, IDsize is a clinical software tool developed by Sim&Cure that enables neuroradiologists to optimize cerebral stent sizing.  Using patient-specific images, IDsize runs ANSYS Mechanical in the background to model the deployment of the stent into the aneurysm and predict the stent position and its contact to the aneurysm wall.

Last, EndoSim as a plug-in of EndoSize which is a clinical software tool developed by Therenva. EndoSim enables vascular surgeons to take into account the deformation of arteries induced by endovascular tools. This deformation could have a great impact on sizing decision at planning phase. Moreover This computed deformation could greatly help the vascular surgeon in the operating room.

Biography : Michel Rochette has been working in numerical simulation since studying for his PhD in shape optimal design (1990). He funded a applied mathematics company in 1994 focused on the adaptive computation of high order derivatives. Since his company was acquired by ANSYS he has been the director of research with 2 main topics of interest; reduced order modeling and patient specific simulation.

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