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Workshop 2 - Wednesday, June 29 from 9:00 to 12:30
New approaches to big data analytics in agriculture

Magestan project: integration of numerical tools in vegetable greenhouse crops
Eric BRAJEUL, chef du centre CTIFL de Carquefou / responsable du pôle Serre du CTIFL

French agriculture is in the need of major innovations to face the European rivalry, notably for highly competitive greenhouse vegetable crops. We have to take into account the high potential of this sector, as a French household eats 240 grams of fruits and vegetables per day (whereas recommendation is about 400-600 grams per day) and as the global alimentary demand is still rising (due to population growing). Moreover, society expectations about high gustative and nutritional qualities of fruits and vegetables are strong, as in lowering ecological footprint of greenhouse productions.

These issues and expectations are of high concern in West and Center regions of France, where soilless tomatoes are mostly produced in heated greenhouses. Specific technical skills are required in heated greenhouses to deal with energetic and hydric flows in those particularly complex systems.

Therefore, advanced technologies are already used for crop management, notably the large use of climate and microclimate management techniques: improvement of thermal insulation and heat exchange, development of semi-closed greenhouses and artificial lighting (LEDs), or the use of models predicting future climate, etc. Phenomics is also facing rising interests. Indeed, a quick and accurate plant characterization in a complex system, based on modeling tools, should allow the development of decision making tools able to improve genetic breeding (including agronomic, gustative and nutritional parameters) and the design and management of new crop systems adapted to society and professional expectations. Magestan project aims to evaluate the interest of numerical tool network (including sensors, data management, plant growth models, and development of decision making tools improving the greenhouse management) in order to build new crop systems. Ctifl is greatly involved in Magestan project.


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