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TERATEC Forum 2015
Workshop 8 - Wednesday, June 24 from 14:00 to 17:30
Modeling and data for urban systems

A view on some key innovative digital technologies for the future European smart cities
Alain ZARLI, Information Technologies and Knowledge Dissemination, CSTB

This presentation is an introduction to the conditions to transform European cities into more sustainable places by reducing energy use, carbon emissions, congestion, etc. – considering unavoidable trends towards knowledge-intensive societies and economies. Such a transformation fundamentally relies on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), and will require managing massive sets of data and information, as well as the appropriate underlying technological frameworks.

The presentation will further introduce to one of the key instruments put in place at European level so as to more collaboratively encompass the challenges raised by smart cities, namely the EIP SCC - European Innovation Partnership for Smart Cities and Communities - launched by the European Commission in 2013.

It will continue with some insights of key added-value technologies in the frame of  future smart districts and cities, introducing to the brainstorming achieved in the EIP SCC around open data, and the need for  urban platforms and digital mock-ups – with presentation of such one urban platform currently under development within CSTB, which is a software toolkit to manipulate BIM models at building and district scales, interface GIS/BIM standards and interface them with sectorial urban simulation engines (for energy, environment, noise, air quality…) – allowing to support, via a multi-criteria dashboard, urban sustainability during conception, decision, consulting and communication, for urban stakeholders.

Dr Alain Zarli is formerly Head of the “Innovation Numérique pour la Construction” division at the Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB - Sophia-Antipolis - FRANCE), and nowadays acting as European Programmes expert in support to the “Technologies de l’Information et Diffusion du Savoir” department, and to the entire CSTB too. His main fields of interest are programming languages and compilation, product modelling, rule-based languages and knowledge-based systems, distributed architectures, software components, and technologies for smart constructions. He has been the Project Coordinator of various FP5, FP6 and FP7 projects, including the IST ICCI and ROADCON projects, and more recently the REEB project establishing a roadmap to ICT-enabled Energy Efficiency in Buildings and construction. He is a key member of the ECTP “Processes & ICT” Focus Area (FA7), and supporting the various ECTP initiatives (E2B, reFINE, AABE) in roadmapping and impact assessment. He is acting expert for the review of European R&D projects on behalf of the European Commission and has been participating in the European Commission Advisory group for ICT Infrastructure for energy-efficient buildings and neighbourhoods for carbon-neutral cities. He has been acting as leader of the “Open Data” Action Group in the European Innovation Partnership Smart Cities and Communities (EIP SCC), and is contributing as expert to both the EIP SCC strategic Implementation Plan and Operational Implementation Plan


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