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TERATEC Forum 2015
Workshop 5 - Wednesday, June 24 from 14:00 to 17:30
HPC and Simulation Impacts on Engineering Process

Toward Better Failure Prediction for Crash Simulations using HPC

As automotive regulations impose lower and lower CO2 emission levels, manufacturers face serious challenges in decreasing design structure mass by using higher strength-to-weight ratio materials. However, introducing new materials into a design process is not a simple undertaking. Design rules and numerical tools must evolve to comprehend the characteristics and evaluate the potential failures of such materials. Otherwise, there is risk in delaying production awaiting reliable design direction from simulation, or (worst case) having to redesign a part late in the design cycle. In addition, due to the large, nonlinear deformations involved in simulating crash, proper material failure criteria is essential to results accuracy. Evaluating new materials, which by definition lack the testing and refinement over time of conventional materials, also typically results in applying higher safety factors for the design which can lead to oversizing of structural parts.

To improve its knowledge in assessing predictive rupture models, and to identify a viable solution for testing ruptures on a massive scale, PSA engaged with Altair through PRACE European project to evaluate the robustness of advanced failure criterion for steel sheets using RADIOSS, the market-leading analysis solver for crash simulation in Altair’s HyperWorks CAE software suite.

Keywords: HPC, PRACE, RADIOSS, material law, failure model.

Expert in software optimization and parallelization on clusters, multi-core architectures, accelerators and coprocessors, Eric developed the Hybrid MPP parallel version of RADIOSS finite element software. After receiving an MSc degree in computer science, Eric started his career in 1994 at CNRS, Laboratoire Informatique du Parallélisme. He joined Mecalog in 1994 and worked for this company until its acquisition in 2006 by Altair. Then, he continued to work for Altair and became HPC director in 2010. Eric holds an Executive MBA from HEC French business school obtained in 2007.




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